Sunday, June 19, 2016

Scooter Queen

So with the sunburn and two cars in not best of use, we didn't make it to church today. The SUV still wasn't fixed it was giving problems. So Ashton and I spent the day cleaning the kitchen, sweeping and mopping and washing the windows and table. Ashton did a pretty good job. She really wanted to help. But then after the chores she was ready for some fun time! And she wanted to learn "stunts" on her scooter.

So while my husband spent Father's Day working on the SUV, I would go back and forth between watching Ashton and pressing on the brakes for him. Ashton and I even cleaned out my car a bit. So we did try to be proactive.

Ashton loved running about on her scooter. But then we had to head in for lunch and her nap. While she napped I tried to help by pressing the brakes on and off trying to find what was wrong with the SUV. 

Ashton woke and we played ball in the front yard for a bit. Then it was more scooter time. During all this, I did my best to stay in the shade as my sunburn burned! And somehow I ended up with tons of chigger bites! I usually pick them up in our backyard, but not front yard. So we'll have to go and get spray to kill them out. After tour cars are fixed! Between my neck burning and feet itching, I feel miserable!

What's sucks is that my husband worked endlessly on this SUV, and can't figure out why the caliber isn't working. So he'll need someone to come by and take a look on it Monday.

Well, with the way things are, he'll have to borrow my car for work on Monday, since his is jacked up. And he'll have to go to the tire place to get my tire re-patched up sometime during his lunch hour at work! And then he'll have to pick me up early so we can get Ashton early because Monday is the first day of her swimming class and it starts right at 5pm! And all this not even with time for him to work on his car! He's hoping to have a friend come by and double check what it could be. But with our schedule... it's not going to be easy!

I'm just thankful I do have a spare, and that I have a husband that knows cars to help cut costs than have to take it in to a mechanic, and that we can still get Ashton to a birthday party or swim class. I will look at the glass as half full not empty. But it has been a very stressful weekend. 

I can only hope it goes all downhill from here and that Monday will be resolutions for our vehicle problems!

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