Monday, June 27, 2016

Party to Lock Down

Friday we had our usual swim lesson scheduled. I left work picked up my girl and got in the car when I saw I had a voicemail. It was her swim center saying that her instructor was sick and we'd have to reschedule. I'm glad I caught the voicemail in the nick of time. Ashton was so bummed.

So we got to have some down time before we had to pick things back up and go to Chinese dance class.

When we arrive Ashton was in a mood. She only laid on the floor as if sleeping. I kept giving her the stink eye but she wouldn't participate. I then talked to the instructors about her behavior. They said it was normal for a girl so young. I said it was. They said yes, she was only 3. I said, she's almost 5! They were shocked. She was so small. I said I knew. So I took Ashton aside and spoke to her. I asked if she wanted to stay, she said yes. I said she had to practice and participate or we would go home.

Then magically she listened and she participated and mimicked their movements.

While there a mom of a 7 year old wanted a play date with our daughters on Sunday. Absolutely. So we agreed to meet at their house. She told me to bring my husband and she'd cook us dinner.

Saturday came and we had a birthday party next door to go to. I don't know why I didn't take photos. Maybe because it was of all the mud. They had a bounce house in the back yard that had a later and slide into a pool It was really cool. However, it our wooded backyard, things got messy fast. So the water was mud and the kids were kinda yucky. But as long as they had fun. I tried to stay away from the splash zone.

I had Amadeus in my lap, we sat in the shade and watched our kids have a blast. There'd be the occasional cry, but they'd get over it quickly and resume playing. Ashton was very shy at first and tentative about going. The bigger kids picked her up and carried her into the bounce house. She eventually joined in and forgot her shy self.

They had water cannons and where shooting each other while coming down the slide. Ashton only took a break to watch Mr. D open his gifts and eat cake. Otherwise she was fully engaged inside the bounce house slide pool the entire time. We hoped it would tire her out.

We then headed out for dinner. We were too tired to cook. While eating out Ashton had to go to the restroom. Under the bright lights I saw Ashton's eyes all red. I mean SCARY red. I had my hubby come in the restroom to check her out under the bright lights. He had us leave immediately.

We drove to the nearest store and got eye drops. We thought the mud really irritated them. We also sent her to bed early.

When we got up for church her eyes were swollen and oozing! I knew she had pink eye. I don't know if it came from the mud or a kid or what exactly. But I called Mr. D's mom to tell her to call the other kids parents just in case. I also called our Doctor and texted her a photo. She called in the medicine to our pharmacy.

So we cancelled church and I had to cancel her play date. In 24 hours she should be okay. She complained all day of her eyes itching. Poor thing! But we got great family bonding time!

So not quite the Sunday we planned, but it could have been a lot worse!

Now Ashton is starting her summer break from daycare. She's got the whole week off and is spending it with her daddy. I wish I could join, but I don't have enough vacation days. It'll be good daddy and daughter bonding time.
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