Sunday, June 12, 2016


Today was tough. We didn't feel up to going to church or going to a violin recital. We just wanted to be left alone and mourn Dawson. However, life goes one and we had things to do. Luckily, we kept Saturday a lazy day for us to grieve.

I was able to get a snapshot of her with her violin outside right before church. She just looked so precious.

Ashton got lots of compliments at church with her dress and curled hair. But she was in a mood. I mean she ended up spitting on the church floor then running away from us! I don't know if it was from her dealing with Dawson's death or just one of those things. But she was a brat. We took her home and told her how bad she was a church and told her to go take her nap and that she'd eat lunch later. We really hoped the nap would help her from being so nasty.

I had to wake her early as the violin recital was soon. She was very grumpy. We gave her some food to eat in the car along the way. She through it everywhere! She was still being a pill!

We arrived and the buildings A/C was broken. It must have been 89 degrees outside and hotter inside. We were all dying! Everyone was melting. Ashton was being a wiggle worm, but seeing the "band" of Star Wars characters brought a smile to her face.

Ashton's teacher decided to start the recital early so we wouldn't all die from heatstroke. Ashton was first.

Ashton can play this piece all by herself, but with the heat, her mood, and her stage freight, she didn't play too well.

Regardless I was proud of her getting through it. Then she had to sit and watch all the other students. However, she wasn't patient. She was making noise and jumping around. Not sitting still like a good girl. I understood it was hot and hungry, but she needed to wait. She wouldn't have been hungry if she ate her food in the car, rather than spilling it. (But I did bring some bummies and water for her, but that wasn't enough). She wouldn't stay quiet or still, a(nd I felt she was disturbing those around her) so we had to leave early.

And man, did she throw the worst tantrum when we got outside. She kicked her shoes off and wouldn't stop kicking or screaming; she was being terrible! She screamed the whole way home!

When we got home, we went in her room and removed EVERYTHING. WE took away all her stuffed animals, her decorations, her piggy bank, anything that was sitting on her bureau or table, gone. We took away her comforter and everything. All she got was 1 pillow and sheets on the bed. Everything else went away.

We told her she was to stay in bed, bored the rest of the night. She threw a fit and eventually passed out.

She woke up hungry and we let her eat in her room on her bed. She wasn't allowed to leave.

There were moments when she tried opening her closet and pulling out books, or sneak out her room to grab a can of pledge and used it all over her floor. It was quite a night. But by the end, 4 hours later, she wanted to be good and talk about what she had done.

Later we sat down and talked with her about respect for others, and patience. We told her that her attitude at church and at the recital were uncalled for. We told her that she could earn back her stuff if she sat and acted like a girl rather than a savage. We told her that we decided when and what she earned back depending on her behavior, but she couldn't ask for any of it back or it didn't come back. The only time she could know and ask for something back was during dinner. If she eats her dinner under half and hour and stays seated during that time she can choose what she wants back. Other than that, we decide when and where based on her attitude and keeping things clean and doing chores.

So today she earned back her daisy (blanket) and her Tauntaun, for listening and understanding and agreeing to the terms. We'll see how she does tomorrow.

We hated being so extreme, but she wasn't caring what she was doing and she wasn't valuing the things around her. So we took it all away. We'll find out over the next few days if it sinks in and worked.

Now we have boxes of her stuff in our room. I'll be curious to see how this arrangement works.
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