Saturday, June 11, 2016

Goodbye my sweet, Big Baby

Friday night I was seconds away from taking Ashton to her Chinese dance class when my husband called me upstairs. Our sweet Dawson who turned 15 years old on the 3rd of June was dying.

Arwen gave us an unexpected goodbye earlier in March, but we knew Dawson would probably go sometime soon, just like Fancy did months before Arwen.

It was a rough night. I cancelled class and I spent the night staying up with him in my arms. He was slipping away.

This dog is an amazing dog! He was so sweet and so loving! He begged for food and attention constantly.

Where Arwen's was a surprise, his was not. But it didn't make it any less painful or hard.

I always called him Doting Dawson. He was such a charmer. He loved to give kisses.

This photo is one of the last few I have of him. He isn't as alert or his fur as full, but still loved attention and to be cuddled.

That night he didn't pass, so we made an appointment with the vet to help him out. We didn't want to prolong his death. No one should have to go through that, and he could of hung on for days. He couldn't stand, he could barely raise his head, he stopped eating, but his heart was strong.

We all gave him kisses and held on to him as he took his last breaths. It was a very tough weekend.

And as Arwen's was quick, Dawson's death was all night, and Ashton would come in asking if he was dead yet, and if we'd bury him. It was very tough to take while being there for him. But we did our best to answer her and let her know that it was a very sensitive time.

She says she misses him, but she has brought up Arwen a lot saying how much she misses her.

These things are never easy. I'm just gals we were home to give him love and companionship until the end.

We love you, Dawson!
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