Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Going Indoors

Earlier this morning Ashton wanted to show me the lego spaceship she built with her Dad. I had gone down early for the night with a migraine. So she was eager to show me when we got up. It's actually pretty good and she told me it was very pretty. So here she is with her pretty spaceship.

There were thunderstorms all day long, so Ashton's swim lessons got moved to another facility (longer drive) which had the pool indoors. This time my hubby was able to tag along. We got to watch her through a window.

I didn't know if being indoors would make her unsettled or make her shy again. When they called for the next wave of kids, she got nervous going through the door into the pool area. Her Dad had to help her up to the pool edge and get in the water then he ducked out. Luckily, she was only scared for about 30 seconds. Then she was good. She didn't freak when her daddy left.

Class was about the same as the first class. But this time they were able to add 1 new activity - picking up rings.

I tried taking photos and video, but with the window having lots of residue, it was hard to really see much clearly.  So I just got video of something she hadn't done before which was "dive" for rings.

She's still really sensitive about getting water in her ears, she says it tickles. And she's still cautious about putting her face in water for bubbles. But she's already come a long way since 3 flotation devices to get into the water.

She's loving classes and loves leaving daycare early to go to them. I asked her which she loved better indoor or outdoor. She couldn't decide. I do like the indoors for not getting sunburned, but obviously with rain that wouldn't have been a problem that day. But I prefer the outdoors so I can roughly hear the instructor. Reading lips isn't my forte.

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