Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Can't Touch This

Oh, the fun days of summer!

We got to the pool a few minutes early. There is a small splash pad off to the side. So we let Ashton enjoy while waiting.

She's doing better on her floating without trying to cover her ears, but the jump is still a challenge. We only have a couple days left. And I think we get her report card tomorrow. 

After swim practice, neighbor Mr. D and Ashton played outside together for a bit. They had chased and Ashton fell and scraped her elbow So we got a band aid on it and she went to put on her knee pads. Not her elbow pads mind you. So she played wearing her knee pads, running around. It was so cute!

Now Ashton and Mr. D look so sweet together. But mind you he just turned 5. He's only 3 month older than Ashton and almost a whole head bigger! It just surprises me how tiny she is, as I see her as perfect and all other kids as giants!

Then off to the grocery store, and Ashton was humming along in the cart. Find out she's singing "Can't Touch This". She's never seen the video, but a fly sings a bit of it from a movie called "Racing Stripes" and she's hooked. I showed her the original song on YouTube, and she didn't find it as good as the fly version. Ha! And I was hoping she'd want to learn the hammer dance!

Needless to say, Ashton was in a precious, sweet mood all day. So refreshing. So she got rewarded with staying up late (she is on summer break after all, no daycare to wake up early for) and playing a game of Mario Kart together. I hope we have more sweeter, listening, not getting into trouble Ashton days to come.
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