Monday, June 20, 2016

1st Day as an Anglefish

After her assessment a couple weeks ago, Ashton finally got to begin her swimming lessons. She has been asking about them almost everyday! She was very excited to go!

We bought the goggles there at the swim center from the instructor who swam with her a couple weeks ago. She was happy to see Ashton again, and told her she'd do great! We ended up buying the LAST pair of goggles. Pink and purple wouldn't have been Ashton's first choice. She told me she wanted green or ones with sharks on them. But luckily she didn't mind the pink and purple ones.

Her new swimming partner and buddy is Miss L. She's almost 3. And then there's my girl almost 5.

She did really well for a lot of it. Ashton's biggest hurdle was she didn't want water in her ears. So much so the instructor Miss D asked if Ashton had tubes in her ears. I told her no. Hopefully over time Ashton will relax.

She seemed to really be enjoying herself. I told her to be brave on the jump as I know it was the scariest part for her last time. She did the wall crawl like a pro.

When it came to the jump, she still needed to be brought in and was very hesitant, but did much better than last time.

After class was over she sat down with the next class ready to swim some more. We had to pull her out of the water. But she understood it was the other kids turns. She told me she couldn't wait to go again. 

We return Wednesday for more swimming!

I'm really glad were doing this and I think Ashton is too!

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