Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tearing the Walls Down

This morning I woke up to Ashton coming to me with a bag she made from daycare for Mother's Day. It had a sun card stapled to a paper bag. Opening the card it had a little poem with Ashton handwritten name on top.

Inside was my very own breakfast in bed. Ashton was so pleased with herself. It was so sweet!

However, Ashton was more excited about her dad's newest project that she could help on. She made sure she was dressed for the part.

We are putting storage in under the window, so the walls had to come down. Ashton got to start and work on her section while her daddy worked on the other sections. Khaleesi supervised.

Oh my goodness, Ashton was having so much fun, and was talking about the mess, and how good was she doing, to what needed to be done next. She was brilliant! She kept her safety goggles on the whole time and when her dad dropped a screw or nail, she knew safety first, and would find it and throw it in the bucket.

Once the walls were down there were a few screws left. So we helped loosen them for her and she proceeded to take them all out. I cannot convey how proud I am of her. I love that she loves to help on these projects. We plan on her knowing plumbing, woodworking, electrical, and everything just like her daddy. She's going to be a handy little helper. 

I know she wants to build a birdhouse and do other fun projects. And knowing our family and how many projects we have lined up, she'll be very busy this summer!

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