Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Ashton: What car is fast?
Daddy: A Ferrari.
Ashton: I want a Ferrari.
Daddy: It's expensive. You'll have to be a doctor to get one.
Ashton: Okay, I want to be a doctor so I can drive a fast car and help the children in China.
My daughter's priorities: 1) Fast car 2) Help children

Small update, we are pretty much back to square one on potty training. I think the Shopkins lost their luster. She hasn't made it in days! 3 was her max and then she just hasn't really tried since. We'll have to try another approach. However, on the slip side she has been sleeping through the night. So we are getting our sleep. That is very much appreciated! I'd rather sleep than potty train over night. So I'm counting my blessings.

Ashton has been focusing on trying to play outside, but with the cold snaps and rain, it's been hard to. But I think today on out it's going to be warming up.

Ashton's second day of Chinese Dance didn't go as well as the first. Don't get me wrong she was still doing well, however, this time she was coming out of class running to me in the waiting area and wanting to be with me. It took a good 5 minutes to initially "drop her off" though I wasn't leaving. She wanted to hold on to me. She got very "shy" at class. A total Mommy's girl. She warmed up but came out for many water and snack breaks. And my foot hurts break, and leg hurts... ended up a mosquito bite. But she still loves it, but its taking her a bit to find her groove.

And Ashton ate real spaghetti for the first time. What do I mean by that. Well, she only ate the noodles. No sauce, no butter, just noodles. I had to bribe her with a treat to eat spaghetti with sauce. And after she did she told me she preferred it that way. We'll see, but she did eat her whole bowl full. It's the little accomplishments!
Also, I had to get Ashton new daycare tennis shoes. She plays so rough outside and gets so dirty, it's best for her to have her own shoes not to ruin her own. She tells me about all the worms she digs up or the flips she does on the handle bars. I'm always pulling leaves out of her hair. Anyhow, her daycare shoes were getting holes on the tops. So I bought her new ones. And boy, did she have a melt down. 
"But they aren't fast!"
"These are fast shoes."
"No, they aren't like my old shoes. These shoes make me run super fast."
I know better than to fight the logic of a four-year-old. "But these shoes also have super jump."
"You can jump really high and run really fast in these shoes."
"I can jump really high?"
"Want to try?"
"Yes!" And of course she comes back after "testing" them out. "I can jump super high! I keep the shoes!"
Good! Ashton approved! That girl! She loves speed! Never a dull moment with her! 
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