Friday, May 6, 2016

New Chinese Dance Class

Today started Ashton's new Chinese dance class. But first we had to take her to violin. So after work was a busy night. And none of the classes were close to each other, naturally. So there was a lot of driving involved. (Luckily her violin classes will move to Tuesday nights starting next week!)

So we picked up our girl and took her to a fast food joint, as that was all we had time for. Ashton was in high spirits. She loves violin and she was super excited about starting up her new dance class. So she played the "horn" for me as we waited for our food.

Today she wasn't great during violin, but she wasn't bad either. Just her usual distracted self. I'm sure the anxiety of dance kept her from concentrating as well as she should have.

So we headed off to dance. I wasn't sure what to expect. With Miss E. it was in the basement of her house and just Ashton and Miss L danced. She got 50% of the teacher's attention. I wasn't sure what this new place was like. It wouldn't be in a house but a ballet studio and it would be with more children. I wondered how Ashton would do.

When we arrive we met the teacher, Miss F. She was very sweet. She said I could stay, but immediately Ashton said no, I could leave. Much to my broken heart. But that didn't mean I wouldn't pop my head in the doorway and snap a photo here or there.

It looked as if she was doing rather well. She was learning to mover her body in certain positions and was doing well with the group. She wasn't the youngest, but she was the smallest. And seeing her on the ballet bar was so cute! I even saw her do a cartwheel! I am sure she picked that up from gymnastics, but I never knew she knew how to do one!

And if you noticed in the video, Miss F. is teaching the class in Mandarin! I was worried at first, but Ashton was able to follow along no problem. However, some of the mother's didn't know Ashton didn't know Mandarin and would talk to her in Manadarin and she just stared. After they met me, they understood why she seemed so confused. The mothers were so sweet and welcomed me with open arms. My daughter was the only adoptee and I quickly found our story being the topic of conversation. The ladies tried to school me on saying her province correctly and her Chinese name. I kept thinking I was saying it right, but they'd just smile and shake their heads no. It was funny. 

I thought Ashton would struggle as she was going from an early afternoon 1 hour class to a late night 2 hour class, but she did beautifully. Ashton can't wait to go back again. And soon she'll be learning with watersleeves!

I'm really excited about her new class and the Manadrin she's getting exposed to and the culture. I hope she makes friends too. I can't wait to see how she'll blossom here!
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