Saturday, May 7, 2016

Jungle Party

Ashton was off to little Miss A 3rd birthday party! I wish they lived closer, they used to once upon a time, but now they live just over an hour away! So our visits are rare. The party was The Lion Guard theme. So when we first arrived, the kids got to make hats.

Ashton choose a green one and had me help put the stickers on. Then we made puppets. I did my best not to get glue everywhere. It's a lot harder making puppets with a toddler in your lap.

Then many of the kids were getting their face painted. Ashton remembered her last encounter with getting her face painted. She was afraid for it to itch again. So I told her she didn't have to get her face painted if she didn't want to. And she was fine with that. And found a guitar and started to serenade her daddy.

Here she is with Big Miss A. She'll have her birthday in about 6 weeks.

They had a little bounce house with slide that was a big hit with all the kids. Ashton went all over and did a few of her cartwheels. I finally got it caught on video.

The grownups wanted Ashton to be included on the face painting and talked her into just doing her cheek. We were going to go with a fox, but then decided on a Star Wars tauntaun last minute. Everyone else was a tiger or cheetah, Big A got a dolphin. And my girl got a tauntaun. Which one isn't like the others :)

Little Miss A, the birthday girl, is the littlest one in the polka dots.

Then the pinata was a big hit too. anything with candy! Ashton had a great time! Though you can't tell from the pictures, she was very unusually clingy to me. She was very shy and would run to me a lot and not socialize. I got photos of when she came out of her shell. Don't know why she got really clingy and shy, but I guess every toddler is allowed their day.

Afterwards Ashton got a daddy and daughter time, while I took my mother out to a play for Mother's Day. I heard that Ashton was very distressed that  was gone. I was only gone from 7pm-10pm. But she acted like I was gone all day when I got home. I went up to her room and she was wide awake. She hugged me and kept telling me how much she missed me. It was so sweet. She could now go to sleep knowing I was home.

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