Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Highlights of the Week

I have been going full steam ahead with errands, projects, and house day to day emergencies. Nothing to write about, but enough that right now I can only give highlights of Ashton over the past week.

Ashton got her first "report card" so to speak. She brought home a small manila envelope holding her progress report. It was pretty good. No real surprises.

She is four so staying still and listening are normal struggles. And I want her to be active and her crazy self. And now rather than in a couple years when she starts Kindergarten. She would technically start pre-school this September, except the school cost is too much. So we're keeping her in daycare and as they are teaching her and she is doing well, this will work. So she'll have pre-k at her current daycare.

We all also finally got to meet Henson. My good friend's new puppy! It's a bernedoodle (a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. Ashton loved having him chase her and our friend loved having her puppy worn out! If only he could wear Ashton out!

And were slowly still working on the back. Ashton helped again, but this time instead of tearing down walls, she was nailing in boards! She loves to help and for a girl that runs around and doesn't listen, she knows to be calm and listen around power tools and "Safety first"!

Today was the last day of gymnastics (which I NEVER get to see) from daycare. But I was told that her gymnastics instructor wanted me to know that Ashton did an awesome cartwheel today. The best all year! Wish there was a progress report of what they've learned in gymnastics class.

Her potty overnight training is going well. The shopkins are working right now and she's so proud. She gets one during breakfast if her pullup is dry. We're very excited over her progress. She's turning out to be quite the little girl. Signs of my little baby waning away. As she loves to remind me, "I'm growing. I'm getting bigger!"
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