Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday Khaleesi

It's our dear Khaleesi's birthday and she is now 2 years old! Wow! Our little baby is growing up. Notice for her birthday photo I can get her to look at the camera. Yet, add Ashton and she doesn't, but when she does Ashton is moving or a blur. Getting the perfect photo of these two is such a challenge.

Ashton loved knowing it was her birthday.She wanted to feed her crushed ice (one of Khaleesi's favorites) all day! These two are such a great pair! And is birthday fashion, Kahleesi kept rolling on her back begging for belly rubs from everyone. But she'd get so wiggly, that she'd fall off the couch in a few seconds and try again. It got very old very fast, but as it was her birthday we all obliged. She is adorable! And see these girls together is awesome. The play so well together. 

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