Thursday, May 26, 2016


Ashton likes to do a lot of things like her parents do. She really wants to do all the things we do, to lift weights like me, work with tools like her daddy... it's all really sweet. We encourage her to try things out and with proper supervision and safety we show her some of these things while it's fun, new, and shiny.

Well, one of those shiny things has always been my elliptical. I've had it for so many years. Way before Ashton was born. So it's not shiny. But Ashton has seen me use it often enough. She always tries to climb it. I always tell her no.

This time she said she could do if properly if I watched. So I did. She was adorable and so proud. She said the small handle bars that are permanently in place were made Ashton-size so she could do it. Ashton struggled a bit, but man if that determined little girl can't make anything go her way!

I hope we're encouraging her to be healthy and active and to find fun in it.
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