Thursday, May 5, 2016


 Ashton sleeping through the night or just getting her down to bed is a huge challenge in our family. Some nights go by fine while most nights don't. Being exhausted has become the new normal in our lives. 

Well, to add to this off and on we've tried getting her to hold her bladder through the night. We're trying to get her to stop wearing pullups to bed. 

What we've done in the past is put her in underwear rather than a pullup, because she ALWAYS wets her pullup, even when conscious. And we try an intensive. It's worked once or twice, but most often not.

Her father and I have discussed this on how to motivate her and what to do.

So Tuesday he comes home and sows me a bag he has. Inside are 5 packs of Shopkins. In each pack there are two bags wrapped together with a hidden Shopkins inside, equaling out to 10 Shopkins.

So he went to Ashton and showed her. She gets a Shopkins if she sleeps through the night and doesn't wet herself. We'll leave her in the pullup (so we don't have to constantly wash the sheets), and if she has to go potty, only then can she leave her bed to go.

I was skeptical about leaving her in a pullup. So we sweetened the deal, literally. Plus, she gets 3 small pieces of chocolate.

Now on the flip side, if she doesn't sleep through the night and/or goes in her pullup, then we get a Shopkins back. ONLY when she has earned 10 Shopkins, meaning 10 consecutive days in a row of being dry and sleeping well, then we'll go to the toy store and she can pick out a prize of her choosing (within reason of course).

Ashton was thrilled. Tuesday night she kept going to the bathroom. We even left the bathroom light on so she would not be scared going in the middle of the night and waking us.

Wednesday morning, to my surprise, she was dry. My girl did it! We were so happy. I made her run to Daddy and put her dry pullup in his face. It was so cute!

So yesterday, after work and daycare, she got to open a Shopkins. She opened the pink Shopkins and got a rare cupcake. She loved it. Then She got her chocolate. She was one giddy girl.

After dinner, we headed to the store. I needed to get some weights. I'm adding strengthening to my cardio workouts. 

Ashton has been the best motivator when I exercise. I typically exercise after dinner. I already get up too early and deal with the dogs immediately and with Ashton, it's too hard to exercise then. If the dogs would sleep when I awoke, I would consider it. But after all the hustle and bustle, I can't imagine fitting it in and handling them alone (as the daddy is still asleep - he doesn't get up until well after I leave with Ashton to daycare.) So I'll exercise and Ashton will either do it with me or watch or just hang out close by.

But when I'm working on my core, doing the floor exercises, that's her favorite. And whether I want her to or not she comes by and "helps". She'll help "push" my back or guide me to do my sit ups or push ups. It's hilarious. And she has the gentlest touch, but she's always stating. "I'm helping you Mommy." She's pretty sad when I have a rest day from floor exercises and always asks why. She is my biggest motivator and advocate.

So when I was looking at different weights and explaining it to her it was for adding to my exercise routine, she wasted a pair of her own.

I was just planning on getting the weights I needed. But there was a small pair of 2 pounders that were just the right size for Ashton, and matched the sets I was looking at. I showed her how to do a basic curl with the dumbbells. She thought it was so cool. She begged that I buy her the weights so she could practice with me. I told her it wasn't a toy. She said she knew. She said, "It'll make me strong like a superhero!" Who could resist that? And teaching her to be healthy is important. And she was so good, and she was being a big girl and really trying to sleep through the night and stay dry. So I rewarded her with her very own dumbbells. And man, does she think the word dumbbells is funny. She understood weights, but not dumbbells. She thought we were making fun of them!

When we left the store with my few sets and her one set, we got into the car. As I was buckling her in her car seat, her dad was putting the weights in the trunk. She begged that I let her workout with one dumbbell, now, while in her car seat. I didn't think it was a good idea. But we said okay. She had us take off the wrapper around the handle and she curled her little weight all the way home.

Last night, I tucked her into bed and told her to be good. And we'd see if we were taking her new Shopkins away or if she'd earn a new one.

This morning, success! She will get another Shopkins when she gets home. She was happy and showed her daddy her dry pullup. But as we ran downstairs for breakfast, she wanted to check out her new weights. She did a couple of curls as I got her breakfast together.

I'm sure it's just a fun new shiny object and will loose it's luster once it seems like work and no fun. But for now, I'm enjoying her enthusiasm to be strong. Let's see if she'll try to use it in a routine. I keep fearing she'll drop it on my foot or at the TV. We'll have to do some basic care instructions before any routines! But if she's up for it, I'll take the challenge head on and get my daughter healthy and dare I say it, more active!

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