Monday, May 30, 2016

Homeward Bound

So we headed back home after our last B&B meal. We waited in line and it was a beautiful day. We waived goodbye to the island and Ashton begged to stay and for us to comeback.

She was a big help pushing the stroller or one of the suitcases. She just loves to help out.

It was too short a vacation. But Ashton overall did pretty well. Glad we did it!
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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Leisure Sunday

When we got u the sun was out. We actually put on sun block. And again the forecast had said rain all day every hour! The weather was going around the island!

We decided to take it slow today and not plan anything and let the day just happen.

We heard there was mini golf on Mission Point. So we headed over there for Ashton to play. Their grounds are amazing. And Ashton fell in love with the tulips. She even found a lone one on the ground and decided it needed love and took it with her. It ended up in the Pink Pony cup by her bed. She asked if we could plant tulips around our house. Hmmm, maybe? Future project?

Here you can see the mini golf behind us. It's not your typical miniature golf. It's actually a golf course shrunken down. No windmills or whatever to golf around. However, we couldn't find anyone in charge of it. Just a restaurant beside it that wasn't open yet for the day. So we decided just to take a few photos as it was so scenic.

We then headed into town. Ashton walked her ledge and ran down her hill.

Atop of the hill was Missionary Bark Chapel. Ashton wasn't impressed.

So in town we saw a 3D maze inside one of the stores on the strip. It was too pricey for all 3 of us to go, so Daddy and Ashton went through the maze. They had to wear 3D glasses and wear plastic gloves to protect the mirrors. We had to barrette the glasses to stay on Ashton's little face. I think they got their money's worth, and Ashton loved it. I could hear her squeal from inside the maze and I staying by the exit.

After the maze it was lunchtime. We found a nice place that would feed Ashton just pepperoni (which she loves). It was a nice break. Then it was off to a nap. We knew not to skip it today!

After nap, we headed to the 2nd butterfly conservatory on the island. And this one also had reptiles and insects.

We first came to a room with butterflies of the world and a window to see the caterpillars in their cocoons. We found a section of butterflies just from China!

We then headed in and Ashton was determined to have a butterfly land on her. It took much longer than last time and we must have stayed there twice as long there because of it. But when one did land, she was ecstatic!

Then we headed into the insects section. We saw snakes, spiders, roaches, stick bugs, lizards, turtles... Ashton wanted to touch them all! But she only got to pet the bearded dragon. He was such a snuggler and loved attention.

Then you enter a gift shop. We spent a few minutes in there and Ashton fell in love with this small plush bat. I asked her if she wanted to name him Mack from Mackinac Island. She said no, she was going to name him Butterfly. And boy, does she adore her new playmate!

While we walked she didn't want to be hand in hand anymore, but hand in wing in hand.

She showed him her favorite ledge and let him 'fly'. We then thought with the high winds and perfect lawn there at the park, maybe we could buy a kite. That would be a fun experience.

However, when we got to town and went to the kid's store, there are only 2 designated kite flying areas, and you have to be at either of those hotels to use those grounds. And the kites were VERY pricey. So we decided against it.

So we decide to walk the boardwalk and look at the homes and enjoy the beach. Ashton didn't care for the homes, but loved the beach and went 'fishing' with a stick.

Here we are on the board walk, it was VERY windy!

With our last meal out on the island (not counting breakfast at the B&B) we asked Ashton what she wanted to eat. She stated she really wanted to go back to the Pink Pony. We thought against it, but then found out they had seating outside with a view. So we made a reservation and browsed a few shops and went back to the Pink Pony.

We loved our view! And again the food was great as well as the service. And right beside us was a wedding party! It was very festive!

We then went back to our room and played with Legos! Of course. And Ashton loved her newest Tauntaun lego. 

Tomorrow we leave Mackinac Island. Sad to go, but had a great time and Ashton loved it too, which was very important. Hope to come back soon!

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

10 Year Proposal Anniversary on Mackinac Island

So we got up and we looked at the forecast. It was threatening rain all weekend, all day long. I was very bummed trying to figure out what we'd do as everything you had to walk to and most events were outside! The morning are typically cold, so we dressed in long sleeves. 

We headed off to breakfast which was so good and so filling. While there Ashton picked up some stirring sticks to use as vampire teeth. She's been on a 'Hotel Transylvania 2' kick.

The day was cloudy. We feared rain. So we decided to start with shopping on the main drag as if it began to pour we could get under cover fast. From the B&B to the main strip, there is this park on a hill to the right. Ashton loved jumping up on the ledge and walking it. She never missed an opportunity to do so. And if anyone was sitting on it she'd walk around them. I swear this may be one of the highlights on the trip for her.

We just took our time looking about, stopping at any photo opportunity. We even got some of the famous fudge, however if you can believe it, Ashton hated it! She prefers Hershey bars!

After we lapped down and back it was lunch time and Ashton asked to go to the Pink Pony. It seemed reasonable enough so we said sure. It was a HUGE hit with us all.

Uncharacteristically, Ashton picked mac and cheese. She NEVER eats mac and cheese. It's usually chicken strips or cheeseburgers or soup. But we let her order it.

When our food was delivered, my hubby was impressed with the cockeyed bowl.

Ashton with her meal, and she ate it all. I loved my sandwich, soup, and homemade chips! We also had great friendly service! Can't beat that!

After lunch we saw the pub had it's own store. I bought Ashton a Pink Pony cup and tiny plush pink pony that had "Pink Pony Mackinac" embroidered on it. I bought a very soft t-shirt.

Then we went back to the B&B to change to lighter clothing as the sun came out. Ashton got hot. I put on my new t-shirt but kept a jacket for the possible impending rain.

We then went on a carriage ride much to Ashton's delight. However, she quickly found it boring. Just sitting there learning the history of the island. She ended up not liking it at all.

One of the stops was by the butterfly conservatory. The island has 2. This one is by the Grand Hotel and the one we visited all those years ago before I was proposed to. It was neat coming back. Ashton "worked" hard to have a butterfly land on her.

She was so thrilled. She spent a long time in the conservatory. She loved every minute of it even the times without a butterfly perched on her hand.

Back on the carriage ride, Ashton started to get really moody. We looked at the time and noticed she was missing her nap. But it was too late now. And we had a pressing appointment coming.

The next stop was Arch Rock. Ashton was getting really moody then and didn't want to stay put. So we were unable to get family photos but able to get her to squeak a smile out for one.

After that the ride stopped by a mission. We jumped off with Ashton getting loud. We let the carriage ride continue on and we raced back to our B&B. I wish it was for a nap, however it was to change for our family photos that I scheduled. I wanted some taken where we got engaged.

So all of us dressed up we rushed back to the fountain where the proposal had taken place.

It doesn't look like it but there were many people there around the fountain, especially kids. We did our best to have Ashton sit for pictures, but she wanted to run. She barely sat still. There was no way we'd get her and I or her and her dad in a shot together.

The photographer met us and our photo session began. We started in the gardens, through the woods, and down by the shore. When I get the images back I'll post them. Ashton was very wired and wanted to run for the most part. She didn't want to remain still. But I know there are some good shots of us together.

After the shoot we changed back in our clothes and went out to eat. The dinner was a bit of a disappointment, over charged and not that good. But we were all together and enjoying being outside and on vacation and not having a drop of rain that day!

Ashton got to run down the hill of the park. She was chasing seagulls! Wish I got video of this, but sometimes you're in the moment you forget. Luckily, my dear husband got a shot of it!
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