Thursday, April 28, 2016

Take it to Work

 Ashton was so excited when I came to pick her up from daycare yesterday. She ran to her backpack to show me her artwork. She usually has pages she's colored, maybe a paper-plate face, and worksheets showing her draw a connecting line from the corresponding number to pictured numbered items.

But this time she pulled out something different. It was "3D". It was a flower she made just for me. "I made you a flower, Mommy!" she showed me happily.

I teased her and said, "Oh, you made me a feather duster!" and proceeded to take the flower and dust her face.

She giggled and said, "No, it's not a duster. It's a flower."

I just kept tickling her face out to the car. Then once inside she told me, "You must take the flower to work!"

"Yes, ma'am!" She's never told me to take anything to work before. And this is the first creation of hers that I have on display by her photos on my desk. I was more than happy to showcase her flower to the office.

But once we were home, she asked me to show Daddy the flower first, then take it to work. So she took it inside to show off and then put it in my purse to take to work the next day.

She's so cute when she wants to be.

Then she put on Daddy's jacket that was laying on the couch, because it was cold and rainy outside, and she loves wearing our things. I was sure to take her photo before he caught her, as he wouldn't like her in his jacket. He loves that jacket, and wouldn't want her to ruin it.

Anyhow, here is the flower I took to work! Didn't she do a nice job? I'm more touched that she is so proud of it and wanted me to take it to work than the actual project itself. She can be so sweet and endearing!

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