Saturday, April 23, 2016

Send Off

Ashton got her LauLau and Uncle J to babysit while my hubby and I went to a Corporate function of mine. 

We didn't have any water until 3:30pm. My hubby was able to install our new water heater just in the nick of time. So just in time for me to start getting ready for the event, as we left by 5pm.

And if you can tell, Ashton wore her big girl heels, just like her Mommy. She loves to clunk around in the house in them. And man, are they loud! We don't let her wear them too much just because of the banging of those heels. Must find quiet heels for her.

Ashton was good while we were gone, and what was amazing was she was in bed, asleep when we came back. Thank the Lord for miracles. She still doesn't do well going down or sleeping through the night. That remains to be a work in progress.
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