Friday, April 22, 2016

Off to get a New Water Heater

Our water heater after 12 years died, starting with a leak, and then busted. So we spent Friday shopping for a new one. Odd thing Ashton was bored. Why she wouldn't find water heaters exciting, who knows.

So we went walking about, getting food and trying out furniture.

While walking Ashton saw security guards, and told me, "Look Mommy! Police!" She went up to tell them she wanted to be a police woman when she grew up. She said, "Police are superheroes. They put bad guys in jail!" They thought she was adorable. And the kind security officer gave her a officer sticker badge. She was so proud!

She got to eat her favorite chicken salad and we headed home with our new water heater. It ended up being a long night. But with Uncle J's help to get it down the basement, the new water heater was in place (We'll install it tomorrow morning). Just not having running water is a bit daunting, but we're making do.
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