Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How to Start the Week

So, Sunday night into Monday morning was a typical night.

Ashton wasn't sleeping and about every hour she was up and upset. And then alternately, Dawson was "stuck" in a corner whining that he was lost.

My husband took the first shift of the night and I the latter. What made this night particularly bad was I had a very important work appointment on Monday. Basically, our company invited the Mayor over for an Open House. I was planning the whole event, lunch, set up, etc. So I was running around Thursday, Friday, Sunday getting last minute preparations. I wanted to be fully rested. But of course, life doesn't work that way. Sounds like a typical way to start a Monday.

When I got Ashton up for daycare, she complained of a headache. I told her it was because she was up all night and probably hungry. But she wouldn't eat. Too tired. I told her daycare provider to be sure she ate some breakfast and that she had a headache so she may be tired. Sounded like we had the case of the "Mondays" the both of us.

So when I got to work and started to prep the room for the open house and laying out the first tablecloth, my cell phone rang. I noticed it was daycare. I knew something was up with Ashton.

She had just thrown up. I asked if she had a fever. No. So I said if she got worse, then I'd bail, but I really had to see this open house through, but after I could leave - maybe early afternoon.

I got no call. So when my part was complete and the Mayor had left, I called while I was cleaning up.

Ashton was still under the weather, but didn't puke since. I was told she was outside, which I thought was a good sign. But she wasn't playing with the other kids. She was laying down on a park bench. Just laying. My girl doesn't sit still for anything. She was definitely under the weather.

I tried to find out how bad her vomiting was so I asked her in the car on the way home.
Me: At daycare, did you throw up your breakfast?
Ashton: No, I threw up at school.
Me: Okay. Did you throw up any food while at daycare, or just watery throw up?
Ashton: No, I belched and threw up.

Trying to find out was impossible to say the least. I should have asked her daycare provider while I was there.

I brought her home and talked her into eating some chicken noodle soup and a nap (she napped curled up in my lap, so sweet). After her nap she awoke feverishly hot and she complained her headache was worse. I took her temp. 103.8 Not good! So I gave her ibuprofen and her temperature went down. I called her pediatrician and set an appointment for her the next day if she wasn't better then.

Ashton was all good. No temp, playing and wanting to stay up and not go to bed as usual. We played together some and I let her watch a couple movies back to back before going to sleep.

The next morning I got ready for work and went to get Ashton. I was surprised she felt hot again. Feverish. So I knew it was a good thing I had that appointment. I instead kept her with her Daddy quickly as I got things from work so I could work from home.

She took ibuprofen again and her 101 temp dropped to normal again. But with the vomiting the previous day and the constant headache, I wanted her checked out. She still had that headache today. But no other signs of anything.

We got her to the Doctor's and she was all smiles.

She had no temp, as the ibuprofen was doing it's job. She had no headache, they found a bit of wax build up in her ears, but nothing bad. Nothing looked suspicious. Throat looked good, tummy felt good, lungs sounded good. But they took a swab of her throat just in case of strep.

We were all surprised it came back positive! So off to the pharmacy to get medicine.

I just pray I didn't catch it. Our sweet curled up moment of her in my arms, could have been my undoing.

So today was a juggle of working and watching Ashton. I just hope the amoxicillin does its job and she can go back to daycare tomorrow. All she wanted to do was play outside. Poor thing. But so far no fever has reared its ugly head since. I'm just glad we caught it early and that she didn't feel worse, I mean no sore throat, not feeling truly crummy. Just the headache and fever. (And vomiting once). Who knew? I thank God for those small favors.

Let's hope we all get a peaceful and restful sleep tonight.
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