Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dog Bed

When waking for the morning, Ashton is in one of two modes. Either happy and full of energy or happy and tired.

When she's happy and full of energy, if she's not distracted, she gets dressed, eats, and brushes her teeth and is ready to leave on time.

When she's tired, I am dressing a limp rag doll, she won't eat, and is usually on the couch "resting", and I'm nagging her to brush her teeth.

This morning was the latter. She was tired. But instead of climbing on the couch while I ate breakfast, she climbed into the dog bed.

She was really adorable in the dog bed; however Khaleesi either was bothered by her in the bed, or was excited she was down on her level and kept giving her kisses and would try to engage her in play.

Ashton just giggled the whole time, but wouldn't budge. Poor Khaleesi kept circling the bed trying to get her to play and kept giving kisses.

She couldn't have been too tired if she wasn't able to truly "rest" while in the dog bed. I wonder if this is a one instance, or if she'll come back to laying in the dog bed again.
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