Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Building Imagination

Our girl loves to build, whether it be with Legos or Mega Blocks. She's usually building a spaceship or a boat. She'll ask us all the time what to build and we'll say dog or robot, and she'll say "I can't build that" and then she'll make us a boat instead.

Well, last night our dearheart made us a dog, unprompted! She was so proud. You can see its legs, head and tail! We were very proud of her. She then proceeded to build what we thought may be a house for the dog.

No we were wrong. This time our girl built a jail! Why not?

I guess the dog was bad. She was sad that her Tauntaun didn't fit in the jail cell she built. I bet she'll try to build a bigger jail today after daycare.

My girl! Most children build castles or stables, even houses. My girl, she builds jail cells! Gotta keep those streets safe!

Maybe she really will be a cop when she grows up.
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