Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bearing the Rain

We did a lot of spring cleaning today, and at the end of it, ASthon was begging for chili, as it was chilly outside and rainy. So we obliged. We put her in her raincoat and raced outside getting wet while Ashton splashed in puddles, much to our dismay.

She always has had our homemade chili, and never tried anyone else's. But today, we didn't feel like cooking chili. We just wanted to be waited on. So we hoped she'd like their chili.

She did. Our girl, mustache and all ate her meal and really enjoyed it. You never know when your toddler ventures out to try new things if it will be a hit or failure. I'm glad we came out the other side, it's something we can note for future.

When she behaves she can be so much fun. Today was one of those days. Made the pouring rain bearable and worth it!

We then got home and cuddled on the couch together and watched "Racing Stripes" about a zebra in the derby. Ashton really liked it. I hope we can more fun times like this together. These are the moments!
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