Friday, April 8, 2016

3rd Gotcha Day Anniversary

Yep, three years running and we can still fit Ashton into her Gotcha Day clothes! We love this wacky tradition. But it's not easy trying to recreate the photos. Especially when you have to do it several times in a row. The first run through the flash didn't work and we didn't figure that out until after the shoot. The second time we forgot to put the SD chip in the camera. That was fun! Third time was the charm! But man, it was harder and harder to keep a smile up, by then we just wanted the photos done!

April 8, 2013

April 8, 2014

April 8, 2015

April 8, 2016
Ashton was a really good sport about it. She loved her bear coat and hat! And she loved being silly! But trying to keep her still so she's not a blur was a challenge.

We try to recapture some of the moments. Not exactly the same, but the flavor of the moment.

We always bring up the old photos and look who is sitting on what side and what Ashton was wearing from coat or not... but after three takes, we got sloppy! Oh, well.

Ashton had been looking forward to Gotcha Day all week. But I don't know if it was because we took her out of daycare for the day or the Children's Museum or the actual celebration.

Such a poser!

I'm afraid this may be the last year Ashton can wear her Gotcha Day clothes. The hat barely fits, and the clothes are definitely too short this year. If she stays her skinny minnie self, she may be able to squeeze one more year. But I don't know. We shall see.

This is her holding the sweater she was brought to her SWI in.

And these are her Gotcha Day shoes. Soft soles, so she only wore them indoors while in China. It took us forever to find shoes that fit her tiny feet while in China! Everything we brought was too big! Ashton tired to where her Gotcha day shoes and was sad her couldn't get them on, even a little. But I told her it meant she was growing.

After the too long photo shoot we headed to the Children's Museum. Because our photo shoot took 3xs longer than thought, we didn't have time to eat breakfast. So we got some on the way. With Ashton's meal, she got a prize. Ashton got "detective" glasses. She looked so silly and adorable! Made for a fun trip to the Museum.

We had no idea how crowded it'd be. In year's past, it wasn't a problem, but today it was over packed. In fact, when we arrived the Museum garage was full, so we were redirected to overflow parking outside! Man was it cold and windy!

Of course the carousel was the first thing on the list. But we waited over half an hour to ride! So she only got one ride this time.

We did a few other activities and visited China again, but it was so crowded, we decided to cut it early and go watch a movie.

We ended up going to see Zootopia at the theater. Ashton said she didn't like it, it was too scary as everyone was turning into a bad guy! She ended up climbing out of her chair and climbed into Daddy's lap and burying her head in his shoulder. Can't argue with the critic! But she did laugh at all the silly prat falls and humor.

It was then home to change and go off to the restaurant to celebrate Gotcha Day dinner with the family. She was ready to go in style!

 We of course picked up her annual Gotcha Day ice cream cake. But instead of a fox, Ashton expressly asked for it to be a Tauntaun cake. She of course had to bring her Tauntaun in tow.

Everyone made it. Pop, Grandma, Uncle J., Lau Lau, Godparent Mrs. J, Aunt D, Godparent Mr. J, and cousin Mr. K.

While waiting for the food to arrive, the kids found the arcade. She of course picked up the green gun and held it against her forearm funny. It was so cute. OF course after Mr. K played, Daddy helped Ashton play. Unfortunately, to Ashton's dismay, the 1st player gun was orange.

We ate while Ashton and her cousin ran laps around the place. It was a good thing we rented out the back room. The kids could go wild. 

Ashton was very happy to see Grandma! But the call of playing keep her from "socializing" with us adults.

She ended up getting Styrofoam cups as they made point shoes and she went on tiptoe around the room! Of course by the time I could get my camera and her stopped, the cups were almost trashed and I couldn't get the full effect of the point shoes. Should have done video!

It was a long and crazy day, but so fun! Ashton was all smiles! We're so blessed to have family that celebrates Gotcha Day with us.

When we got home we watched a late night video together and crashed! No other way to end a packed full day!

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  1. I loved that little hat! Remember seeing that precious baby girl in her Gotcha Day video wearing that cute hat. I'm so glad that you post the really neat comparison pictures each year. It is nice to see them all in the same place so that seeing how much Ashton has grown and changed during the last year is easy to see. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful family via your blog. I've enjoyed reading it.


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