Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bearing the Rain

We did a lot of spring cleaning today, and at the end of it, ASthon was begging for chili, as it was chilly outside and rainy. So we obliged. We put her in her raincoat and raced outside getting wet while Ashton splashed in puddles, much to our dismay.

She always has had our homemade chili, and never tried anyone else's. But today, we didn't feel like cooking chili. We just wanted to be waited on. So we hoped she'd like their chili.

She did. Our girl, mustache and all ate her meal and really enjoyed it. You never know when your toddler ventures out to try new things if it will be a hit or failure. I'm glad we came out the other side, it's something we can note for future.

When she behaves she can be so much fun. Today was one of those days. Made the pouring rain bearable and worth it!

We then got home and cuddled on the couch together and watched "Racing Stripes" about a zebra in the derby. Ashton really liked it. I hope we can more fun times like this together. These are the moments!
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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Take it to Work

 Ashton was so excited when I came to pick her up from daycare yesterday. She ran to her backpack to show me her artwork. She usually has pages she's colored, maybe a paper-plate face, and worksheets showing her draw a connecting line from the corresponding number to pictured numbered items.

But this time she pulled out something different. It was "3D". It was a flower she made just for me. "I made you a flower, Mommy!" she showed me happily.

I teased her and said, "Oh, you made me a feather duster!" and proceeded to take the flower and dust her face.

She giggled and said, "No, it's not a duster. It's a flower."

I just kept tickling her face out to the car. Then once inside she told me, "You must take the flower to work!"

"Yes, ma'am!" She's never told me to take anything to work before. And this is the first creation of hers that I have on display by her photos on my desk. I was more than happy to showcase her flower to the office.

But once we were home, she asked me to show Daddy the flower first, then take it to work. So she took it inside to show off and then put it in my purse to take to work the next day.

She's so cute when she wants to be.

Then she put on Daddy's jacket that was laying on the couch, because it was cold and rainy outside, and she loves wearing our things. I was sure to take her photo before he caught her, as he wouldn't like her in his jacket. He loves that jacket, and wouldn't want her to ruin it.

Anyhow, here is the flower I took to work! Didn't she do a nice job? I'm more touched that she is so proud of it and wanted me to take it to work than the actual project itself. She can be so sweet and endearing!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Building Imagination

Our girl loves to build, whether it be with Legos or Mega Blocks. She's usually building a spaceship or a boat. She'll ask us all the time what to build and we'll say dog or robot, and she'll say "I can't build that" and then she'll make us a boat instead.

Well, last night our dearheart made us a dog, unprompted! She was so proud. You can see its legs, head and tail! We were very proud of her. She then proceeded to build what we thought may be a house for the dog.

No we were wrong. This time our girl built a jail! Why not?

I guess the dog was bad. She was sad that her Tauntaun didn't fit in the jail cell she built. I bet she'll try to build a bigger jail today after daycare.

My girl! Most children build castles or stables, even houses. My girl, she builds jail cells! Gotta keep those streets safe!

Maybe she really will be a cop when she grows up.
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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Send Off

Ashton got her LauLau and Uncle J to babysit while my hubby and I went to a Corporate function of mine. 

We didn't have any water until 3:30pm. My hubby was able to install our new water heater just in the nick of time. So just in time for me to start getting ready for the event, as we left by 5pm.

And if you can tell, Ashton wore her big girl heels, just like her Mommy. She loves to clunk around in the house in them. And man, are they loud! We don't let her wear them too much just because of the banging of those heels. Must find quiet heels for her.

Ashton was good while we were gone, and what was amazing was she was in bed, asleep when we came back. Thank the Lord for miracles. She still doesn't do well going down or sleeping through the night. That remains to be a work in progress.
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Friday, April 22, 2016

Off to get a New Water Heater

Our water heater after 12 years died, starting with a leak, and then busted. So we spent Friday shopping for a new one. Odd thing Ashton was bored. Why she wouldn't find water heaters exciting, who knows.

So we went walking about, getting food and trying out furniture.

While walking Ashton saw security guards, and told me, "Look Mommy! Police!" She went up to tell them she wanted to be a police woman when she grew up. She said, "Police are superheroes. They put bad guys in jail!" They thought she was adorable. And the kind security officer gave her a officer sticker badge. She was so proud!

She got to eat her favorite chicken salad and we headed home with our new water heater. It ended up being a long night. But with Uncle J's help to get it down the basement, the new water heater was in place (We'll install it tomorrow morning). Just not having running water is a bit daunting, but we're making do.
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Indoor Beach Party

Today Ashton's daycare had an indoor beach party. Ashton loved it last year, and she was more excited about playing in the sand than in the water. But I guess indoors, it's more like a bath and the sand is rare. So I get it.

I promise I had her hair up in barrettes. However, it's now all a mess. My girl. I did my best to get her hair up and out of the way. But hair in the face, she's still having a blast. You can tell!

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Just Her Usual Silly self

Ashton wanted me to take a photo of her shorts. She said she loved them. So I obliged. What struck me, is she looks like a young lady in this photo more than the little girl I know.

But that was just in that moment. She looks more like the little girl I know and love here. Not that I don't love the lady she's becoming and is evolving into, but I'd like her to stay a girl a little longer.

Then Ashton said she wanted to tell me something funny. So I recorded it. This is what I got.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How to Start the Week

So, Sunday night into Monday morning was a typical night.

Ashton wasn't sleeping and about every hour she was up and upset. And then alternately, Dawson was "stuck" in a corner whining that he was lost.

My husband took the first shift of the night and I the latter. What made this night particularly bad was I had a very important work appointment on Monday. Basically, our company invited the Mayor over for an Open House. I was planning the whole event, lunch, set up, etc. So I was running around Thursday, Friday, Sunday getting last minute preparations. I wanted to be fully rested. But of course, life doesn't work that way. Sounds like a typical way to start a Monday.

When I got Ashton up for daycare, she complained of a headache. I told her it was because she was up all night and probably hungry. But she wouldn't eat. Too tired. I told her daycare provider to be sure she ate some breakfast and that she had a headache so she may be tired. Sounded like we had the case of the "Mondays" the both of us.

So when I got to work and started to prep the room for the open house and laying out the first tablecloth, my cell phone rang. I noticed it was daycare. I knew something was up with Ashton.

She had just thrown up. I asked if she had a fever. No. So I said if she got worse, then I'd bail, but I really had to see this open house through, but after I could leave - maybe early afternoon.

I got no call. So when my part was complete and the Mayor had left, I called while I was cleaning up.

Ashton was still under the weather, but didn't puke since. I was told she was outside, which I thought was a good sign. But she wasn't playing with the other kids. She was laying down on a park bench. Just laying. My girl doesn't sit still for anything. She was definitely under the weather.

I tried to find out how bad her vomiting was so I asked her in the car on the way home.
Me: At daycare, did you throw up your breakfast?
Ashton: No, I threw up at school.
Me: Okay. Did you throw up any food while at daycare, or just watery throw up?
Ashton: No, I belched and threw up.

Trying to find out was impossible to say the least. I should have asked her daycare provider while I was there.

I brought her home and talked her into eating some chicken noodle soup and a nap (she napped curled up in my lap, so sweet). After her nap she awoke feverishly hot and she complained her headache was worse. I took her temp. 103.8 Not good! So I gave her ibuprofen and her temperature went down. I called her pediatrician and set an appointment for her the next day if she wasn't better then.

Ashton was all good. No temp, playing and wanting to stay up and not go to bed as usual. We played together some and I let her watch a couple movies back to back before going to sleep.

The next morning I got ready for work and went to get Ashton. I was surprised she felt hot again. Feverish. So I knew it was a good thing I had that appointment. I instead kept her with her Daddy quickly as I got things from work so I could work from home.

She took ibuprofen again and her 101 temp dropped to normal again. But with the vomiting the previous day and the constant headache, I wanted her checked out. She still had that headache today. But no other signs of anything.

We got her to the Doctor's and she was all smiles.

She had no temp, as the ibuprofen was doing it's job. She had no headache, they found a bit of wax build up in her ears, but nothing bad. Nothing looked suspicious. Throat looked good, tummy felt good, lungs sounded good. But they took a swab of her throat just in case of strep.

We were all surprised it came back positive! So off to the pharmacy to get medicine.

I just pray I didn't catch it. Our sweet curled up moment of her in my arms, could have been my undoing.

So today was a juggle of working and watching Ashton. I just hope the amoxicillin does its job and she can go back to daycare tomorrow. All she wanted to do was play outside. Poor thing. But so far no fever has reared its ugly head since. I'm just glad we caught it early and that she didn't feel worse, I mean no sore throat, not feeling truly crummy. Just the headache and fever. (And vomiting once). Who knew? I thank God for those small favors.

Let's hope we all get a peaceful and restful sleep tonight.
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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Roller Derby Princess

After church, we promised some better outside time with Ashton than yeterday. So we played football.

She went on her bike and scooter.

And she tried rollerskating alone for the first time. All prepared in her BB8 helmet, Darth Vader knee and elbow pads, Sith gloves, and Disney fairy skates. She loved it. It took a mintue for her to get the hang of it.

She had a fun time going around the cul-de-sac a few times! She only fell down once. We'll have to keep practicing so she can get fast enough for the roller derby.

This girl loves adventure!

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Making the Most of a Beautiful Saturday

Finally we got some amazing weather! And Saturday morning before all the chores and spring cleaning, Ashton and I went on a walk around the neighborhood. Just her and me, no dogs. She loved running ahead then running back to me.

Of course Ashton wanted to do nothing but play outside all day long. Wish we could, but then we aren't doing anything but watching her and there are chores to do. So after some cleaning, we took a break and went outside to enjoy the day.

Ashton had a blast and asked if tomorrow would be as beautiful. I told her yes.

We still ave a lot to do on the home, but made a huge dent in it. Ashton even helped here and there. Just glad we can air out the house and finally welcome spring!

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Pirate Ship

Ashton loves to draw and color. She brings out her notepad or her doodle sketch and asks us what she should draw. Sometimes she'll do it and other times, she'll say she doesn't know how to draw that.

Today she asked her Daddy what to draw, he said a pirate ship. (She can't draw a dog, but a pirate ship is no problem. Who knows?)

So she proudly came to show her masterpiece to me.

She told me it was a pirate ship with lots of windows and cannons on the sea. And that I can definitely tell. Very cool!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dog Bed

When waking for the morning, Ashton is in one of two modes. Either happy and full of energy or happy and tired.

When she's happy and full of energy, if she's not distracted, she gets dressed, eats, and brushes her teeth and is ready to leave on time.

When she's tired, I am dressing a limp rag doll, she won't eat, and is usually on the couch "resting", and I'm nagging her to brush her teeth.

This morning was the latter. She was tired. But instead of climbing on the couch while I ate breakfast, she climbed into the dog bed.

She was really adorable in the dog bed; however Khaleesi either was bothered by her in the bed, or was excited she was down on her level and kept giving her kisses and would try to engage her in play.

Ashton just giggled the whole time, but wouldn't budge. Poor Khaleesi kept circling the bed trying to get her to play and kept giving kisses.

She couldn't have been too tired if she wasn't able to truly "rest" while in the dog bed. I wonder if this is a one instance, or if she'll come back to laying in the dog bed again.
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Friday, April 8, 2016

3rd Gotcha Day Anniversary

Yep, three years running and we can still fit Ashton into her Gotcha Day clothes! We love this wacky tradition. But it's not easy trying to recreate the photos. Especially when you have to do it several times in a row. The first run through the flash didn't work and we didn't figure that out until after the shoot. The second time we forgot to put the SD chip in the camera. That was fun! Third time was the charm! But man, it was harder and harder to keep a smile up, by then we just wanted the photos done!

April 8, 2013

April 8, 2014

April 8, 2015

April 8, 2016
Ashton was a really good sport about it. She loved her bear coat and hat! And she loved being silly! But trying to keep her still so she's not a blur was a challenge.

We try to recapture some of the moments. Not exactly the same, but the flavor of the moment.

We always bring up the old photos and look who is sitting on what side and what Ashton was wearing from coat or not... but after three takes, we got sloppy! Oh, well.

Ashton had been looking forward to Gotcha Day all week. But I don't know if it was because we took her out of daycare for the day or the Children's Museum or the actual celebration.

Such a poser!

I'm afraid this may be the last year Ashton can wear her Gotcha Day clothes. The hat barely fits, and the clothes are definitely too short this year. If she stays her skinny minnie self, she may be able to squeeze one more year. But I don't know. We shall see.

This is her holding the sweater she was brought to her SWI in.

And these are her Gotcha Day shoes. Soft soles, so she only wore them indoors while in China. It took us forever to find shoes that fit her tiny feet while in China! Everything we brought was too big! Ashton tired to where her Gotcha day shoes and was sad her couldn't get them on, even a little. But I told her it meant she was growing.

After the too long photo shoot we headed to the Children's Museum. Because our photo shoot took 3xs longer than thought, we didn't have time to eat breakfast. So we got some on the way. With Ashton's meal, she got a prize. Ashton got "detective" glasses. She looked so silly and adorable! Made for a fun trip to the Museum.

We had no idea how crowded it'd be. In year's past, it wasn't a problem, but today it was over packed. In fact, when we arrived the Museum garage was full, so we were redirected to overflow parking outside! Man was it cold and windy!

Of course the carousel was the first thing on the list. But we waited over half an hour to ride! So she only got one ride this time.

We did a few other activities and visited China again, but it was so crowded, we decided to cut it early and go watch a movie.

We ended up going to see Zootopia at the theater. Ashton said she didn't like it, it was too scary as everyone was turning into a bad guy! She ended up climbing out of her chair and climbed into Daddy's lap and burying her head in his shoulder. Can't argue with the critic! But she did laugh at all the silly prat falls and humor.

It was then home to change and go off to the restaurant to celebrate Gotcha Day dinner with the family. She was ready to go in style!

 We of course picked up her annual Gotcha Day ice cream cake. But instead of a fox, Ashton expressly asked for it to be a Tauntaun cake. She of course had to bring her Tauntaun in tow.

Everyone made it. Pop, Grandma, Uncle J., Lau Lau, Godparent Mrs. J, Aunt D, Godparent Mr. J, and cousin Mr. K.

While waiting for the food to arrive, the kids found the arcade. She of course picked up the green gun and held it against her forearm funny. It was so cute. OF course after Mr. K played, Daddy helped Ashton play. Unfortunately, to Ashton's dismay, the 1st player gun was orange.

We ate while Ashton and her cousin ran laps around the place. It was a good thing we rented out the back room. The kids could go wild. 

Ashton was very happy to see Grandma! But the call of playing keep her from "socializing" with us adults.

She ended up getting Styrofoam cups as they made point shoes and she went on tiptoe around the room! Of course by the time I could get my camera and her stopped, the cups were almost trashed and I couldn't get the full effect of the point shoes. Should have done video!

It was a long and crazy day, but so fun! Ashton was all smiles! We're so blessed to have family that celebrates Gotcha Day with us.

When we got home we watched a late night video together and crashed! No other way to end a packed full day!

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