Sunday, March 6, 2016

Unexpected Goodbye

Last night around 10:30 pm, we fed our pups and went to tuck Ashton in and within those five minutes found our beloved Arwen had passed away. Just like that.

Earlier that day I noticed she was breathing harder than usual, but was still her lovable self. She was on our bed with Amadeus as always, while we went to Ashton's dance. We came home watched a movie. Went up to fed the dogs, she was still breathing a bit fast, but was eager to eat.

Then she was gone. We have 2 senior dogs - Dawson and Skylar. Everyday we wonder if they'll stick around. One is deaf now and walks in endless circles. But he still loves rubs and playing sometimes. The other has bad hips and has a bit trouble walking. But both are happy and doing fine, just are seniors. They, I'd expect to go. Not Arwen. Not our 10 year old Chihuahua.

She would have been 11 o St. Patrick's Day. I worry for Amadeus. His companion now gone. I worry about Kiara, her best friend now gone. We're all still in shock.

Ashton always said Arwen was her favorite. She now asked for one of Arwen's dolls to sleep with. She took a mini-dragon of Arwen's one that she didn't play with too much so it's still soft and not dirty. She named the dragon Arwen. Now her Tauntaun and Arwen must go everywhere with her.

The last video I have of her is from last fall when our neighbor had kittens. I wish we had more. I never thought to take more video of photos of her, as I thought we'd have her a long time. It's been more of Amadeus, because his fight with cancer, and Khaleesi because she's the puppy. I feel so bad.

She was very loved. She was the most well behaved of our group of furbabies. She loved to snuggle in very soft places. She had a bladder of steel. She never made a mistake, and never had to potty trained or crated. She loved cheese, but cucumbers were her favorite. She was a daddy's girl. She followed him to the ends of the earth.

She had a orange monkey that she loved to "kill." That and dryer sheets. She was usually a lady, but when she was in her playful mode, it was mesmerizing. She was awesome. So gentle. So sweet. And adored by all our furbabies. She is sorely missed.
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