Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spinning into Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday has always been my favorite Sunday at church. I remember the congregation being outside handed palms and waving them about before marching inside to sit down and taking the palms and making crosses and reading out a "play" of sorts where the congregation read as the crowd. It was a fun time. 

I don't know what churches do all that now, but the day still holds a special place in my heart. Today, I dresses up Ashton super cute for Palm Sunday. She wasn't interested in breakfast this morning, just drawing. So I let her, knowing there'd be donuts at church.

Of course I wanted pictures of her all dressed up and she wanted to show me her splits instead. It took a while until she'd pose nicely. She's always wired and hard to just pose for a picture these days.

But I got it!

The church is always very dark, so it's hard to get photos. But all the children walk around wan wave their palms and then set it down at the alter. Several kids went ant then there was this big gap. Ashton was hesitate at the door to go. She finally did, and the batch of kids behind her were hesitant to go So it looks like Ashton's alone, but there was a long line of children. And eventually, you couldn't see her because there were so many kids and she's so petite, you can't even see her head. I wasn't able to see her lay down her palm, but I'm sure she did it nicely.

Afterwards, Ashton wanted more basketball. And in one of her Easter eggs from her egg hunt yesterday, she got a gold medal. So she wore it while playing basketball with us and whomever made the basket had to wear the medal until the next person got the basket. She was very diligent on passing out the medal and taking it away.

Then it was just being silly and spinning. She entertaining to watch, even just spinning. And I love her laugh. Its one of the best laughs I've ever known. It's so infectious and full of happiness. I think she deserves a gold medal for the best laugh!

And after playing two days of basketball we asked Ashton if that's what she wanted to do when she got older. We asked what sport she wanted to pursue, basketball, badminton, tennis, swimming, baseball, gymnastics, track, volleyball, golf, soccer... and she picked one we never named or thought of. She picked a sport we didn't even know she heard of. She told us, "diving". And we looked up YouTube videos and showed her just to be sure we were on the same page, and she nodded, convinced. She wants diving in her future... at least today! That's our girl!
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