Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Reading and Laughter

Ashton is always full of giggles and laughter, it's just her personality. It's an amazing personality I pray she never grows out of.

I was rocking her, just being near her, which I missed, being sick for several days. So I decided to video her silliness.

Well, last night I decided to turn the tables. Instead of  me reading her bedtime stories, she would read to me. I think she liked it.

She first read her "Star Wars: Rey Meets BB8" It's a reading 1 book to teach her to read. WE'e worked on some of the small words together like "BB8" and "She" and "Rey". Nothing too complex. What's cute is she doesn't point out reading "Rey" or "She"; however, I do catch her reading "BB8" which was awesome.

Then it was off to a classic, "I love You, Stinky Face". I thought she'd have it memorized. And I'm sure she does, but with usual Ashton flair, she put her spin on it.

It is never a dull day at our house!

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