Saturday, March 12, 2016

Playing at the Park

Ashton was in good spirits, and with it being a lovely day, even though cloudy, we decided to let Ashton enjoy some time at the park. She was stoked!

Fist she went up a small rock wall. Then on a couple of the smaller slides. But ti didn't take her long to see the hanging bars, and want to try that out for size.

She rocked! She went on them about 3 times. Then it was off to the swings. She wanted to go higher than daddy.

But then it was back to the hanging bars. I got video of her second or third attempt. But her first one, She went all the way across without "dropping". 

It's a bit a of drive to get there, but so worth it for all the climbing gear, swings, and slides. This park, it's awesome, but I never see any kids on it. So she usually has the whole run of the place. And Ashton loved climbing everything. And of course the slides.

We spent a good amount of time there. She loved it and was ready to go when we had leave to the hardware store. I hope she'll have many more opportunities this Spring to play at the park.
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