Saturday, March 5, 2016

Last Dance

Today was Ashton's last dance with Miss E. Ashton dressed up really cute for her last dance class. I put her in something she could easily move in, but still look super cute. Her polka dot dress is now too short, so we added a skirt and it worked out great. I also did my best on pigtails. Her hair is still too short, but it was out in the lower back, but she looked cute rocking her pigtails. Her bangs are almost long enough to be pulled out of the face and tucked behind ears. Though I was so tempted to cut them this Friday, as she wore them in her eyes!

We headed off to dance and she performed a new song she learned just that day for goodbye.

At the end of class both girls got goody bags. Ashton got tons of hair accessories.But she was most excited about her girl scout cookie, which you see her eating throughout the photos below.

We then headed off to a celebratory dinner. Ashton asked for a baked potato. We were impressed with her selection. But as my husband and I were still getting over our colds" we headed home to relax and watched the first "Harry Potter" with our little dancer (per her request).

Surprisingly, she did very well. She closed her eyes when the "You Know Who" showed his face. But she enjoyed the rest of it. Asking lots of questions about magic and flying on a broomstick and the game of quidditch. It is fun spending time watching movies with our girl. They're still few and far between, but when they happen, it's like opening new worlds to her. She's eager to see the next Potter movie.
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