Thursday, March 24, 2016

Girls' Night

The last few days from daycare, Ashton has come home with holes in the knees of her leggings.

It's been warm enough to play outside, and I guess she's playing rough. And she has 2 pairs of jeans, but the first time she wore one of the pairs, the snap came off when she came home, so those are no good until mended... if ever.

So with very few options to wear unless I send her in just a shirt, a shopping day was in order.

So I decided last night the girl needed new leggings and jeans. So I made a girls' night of it. I took her to the second hand store and we went through the aisle of clothes. Of course anything in 3T was sparse. So there wasn't a lot to choose from. I found no leggings, but I did find a couple pairs of jeans and this sweet shirt and skirt.

We then went to a regular store and still I found lots in 2T and 4T but 3T seemed to be cleared out. There were lots of leggings I liked, but not in her size. So we ended up with 2 leggings.

Ashton kept asking if she was being good, because she wanted to earn going out to eat at Chic-fil-a, since we were so close. She was dying for a chicken salad.

So we went and we both got our chicken salad, and she played on the indoor playground for a bit. And she gave no fuss when time was up. It was wonderful.

I really enjoyed our time out together. Usually, taking Ashton out anywhere with only 1 parent means you are ready to crash once home. But yesterday went splendidly.

We came home and played a family game of Farkle together. Daddy won, but Ashton was in the lead for a long time.

So this morning I put my girl in leggings, and knowing it was going to rain, I put her in the skirt and new top I got her. She looked so adorable. And usually Tauntaun (and sometimes Arwen the dragon) go downstairs to breakfast with us and in the car to ride to daycare and await her return. But this morning, she wanted Clementine the rabbit. Maybe she wanted the rabbit because of Easter coming. But she has many plush rabbits (that's because she is year of the rabbit). This particular one is very dear to her daddy. This came from Nana, her grandmother she never got to meet. She passed after a  month of being told we were adopting, and 5 months before match. Breaks my heart they never met. But Ashton talks about her all the time and swears she dreams of her. It does her daddy's heart good when he sees and hears of these moments.

So I wanted to be sure to document the moment of her cherishing the rabbit. So I asked for her photo. And surprise, surprise, Dawson wanted in on it too. Dawson and Skylar are getting up there in years, and we keep thinking they could go any day now. But they keep hanging on. Dawson did great and actually stood there after getting some pettings from Ashton. Lately he just wanders a lot and sleeps. So the interaction was a pleasant surprise.

I loved that sweet moment.
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  1. Beautiful Ashton looks adorable, as usual. She would look cute in a potato sack (what ever that is....)! Love that your sweet Dawson got in on the photo shoot, also. Thanks for sharing!


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