Thursday, March 17, 2016

From Shoes to a Ring

So, Ashton's daycare has a Facebook Group. It's great for reminders of special occasions at daycare, to remind of fundraisers and where parents help each other out on child pickup. Well, last week Miss K's mom posted that she was getting rid of Miss K's shoes that she'd outgrown and anybody want any of them. She posted a few pics with sizes and I chimed in on a few of the shoes I thought would do Ashton good. Well, no one else chimed in, so I ended up with the entire bag full of over 30 shoes!

Ashton went through the bag and picked out about 10 pairs that she liked. I then ran into my neighbor, Miss M, whose daughter is Miss G. I passed it forward and gave her the bag of the shoes for her little girl.

Forward to this week, Ashton came to me yesterday morning wearing one of her toy plastic rings. They're too big for her, but rarely time to time she'll wear it for fun around the house. She's not allowed to wear them outside the house because she'll loose them. They're just too big. I told her to put the ring back. Ashton then looked up at me, "Mama, [Miss K] lost her ring. Can I give her my ring?"

I thought that was so sweet. It was a ring she actually got from our little neighbor Miss G's house during her 3rd birthday party last September. "Of course."

Well, Ashton took it to daycare and I made sure she gave it to the teacher so it wouldn't get lost. Miss K didn't come yesterday, because her Mommy was ill. But she came today, and guess what I saw posted up on the Facebook Group?

Miss K is very happy with her new ring! I'm so proud of my thoughtful, caring daughter. She makes my heart burst! I thank God that she is who she is.
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