Monday, March 28, 2016

Field Hockey, Anyone?

Today, Ashton showed us she knew more about sports than we ever thought possible.

In fact, yesterday while at her aunt's house, she and I were sitting on a porch swing and she was standing up while I was holding her hands, swinging. And she swore she was surfing. She kept telling me how dangerous surfing was and that is was like skateboarding, but at the beach. I asked her how did she know about surfing. And she replied, "I'm smart". Can't argue with that!

This girl really wants to skateboard, but we keep telling her no and she's too young. Well, she asked more and we took her to the front porch and put her foot along the edge and told her to hold her other foot up. We told her to hold her balance there for 2 minutes, not letting her other foot touch the ground, or the counting starts over. If she can make 2 minutes she gets a skateboard.

She was excited. But she couldn't even make 2 seconds. She kept loosing her balance. Then she would purposely "fall" off the porch down a step to the ground and she thought that was fun. And started doing that instead.

Well, today she grabbed Khaleesi's toys, a ball and two balls on a rope. And started hitting the ground with it. I asked what she was doing. Field hockey! Of course. She had fun chasing the ball everywhere. Poor Khaleesi wasn't as thrilled, not able to play as well. Unlike basketball, this is her ball and she didn't want to really share, but play fetch. So we had to be referee between the two for a bit.

Gotta love the girl's imagination and ingenuity.
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