Saturday, March 19, 2016

Egg Hunt and Basketball

Ashton has been asking since forever when the egg hunt would be. Today finally is the day. However, it was in the forecast to be low 40s and rain. Much different than the mild Spring last Easter, of course it was a month later. Luckily, the rain held off until afternoon. 

She looked adorable, so of course I had to try and get Khaleesi to join the photo since they're both in their black and white.

Khaleesi is becoming such the lady. She's still very puppy, but she is sitting and staying while Ashton tries to be still for photos. Khalessi poses better than Ashton does!

Once at the church we ate some donuts and had juice. We also had to wait ans hundreds of kids came in. There were 7,000 eggs distributed. One side was for the 1-2 year olds. The other was for the 3-5 year olds. And 6 and up was in a large field across the way. There was even a small peanut allergy section for those with more sensitive needs. And as a typical toddler Ashton hated waiting.

So we did our best to entertain by putting the basket on her head and talking with her.

That of course only went so far. This bored look is what we got most of the time.

But every now and then we mustered up a smile.

Here was Ashton's age group. All the kids lined up ready to go.


It was definitely a free for all. It all ended in less than 1 minute.

We then warmed back up inside and emptied out the plastic eggs and kept the candy and recycled the eggs back to the church. Ashton was most excited about getting Hershey bars and Hershey eggs. 

Let that night my team Butler Bulldogs was playing basketball. I was wearing my jersey. Ashton wanted one too. She's long since outgrown her adorable Butler cheerleader outfit. So her Daddy got his XXL jersey for her to wear. And as you can see, it was a perfect fit!

Blurry I know, but I love how she's looking up at her daddy in this one!

Unfortunately, Butler lost. But Ashton was pumped up to play some basketball of her own. So we changed her out of her sweater (and out of the Butler "dress") into a more play worthy shirt. (One that I had laid out for tomorrow). And we brought her basketball hoop and ball from the garage and we parents sat down and threw the ball around while Ashton would do her best to make dunks and throws herself. Khaleesi made for a great defense against Ashton's offense. It was a hoot!

Ashton loved playing and kept saying she was winning or I was all depending who made the basket. She loved being the commentator during our game.
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  1. Love that Khalessi and Ashton both have on their stunning black and white outfits! :-)


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