Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Day

Easter is Ashton's favorite holiday. She was so excited it took quite a bit to get her settled down for the night. This is better than Christmas!

She was most excited about the chocolate eggs, even though they didn't have surprises inside. But as fun as seeing the display on the hearth. She wanted out to hunt for eggs.

After the egg hunt we tried to take a family photo. However, my hubby couldn't get the timer to work on the camera, so we just took a shot of us girls. He also forgot to put a chip in the camera, so we ended up with no shots, only what I took from my phone. Luckily, I told him to use my phone too.

Ashton even got extra donuts at church today. She was on cloud nine. She ended up skipping back to the car with her daddy's hand in tow. 

She didn't want to nap alone, per usual, but rather than argue about it on Easter, I gladly held her and we napped together before heading off to her Aunt's house for Easter lunch/dinner. They had a basket for her too there, and she loved the bubbles and coloring books. But she spent most of the time sword fighting with her cousin! That's my girl!
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