Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Beautiful Day

Today was a beautiful day. After so many cold days and going back and forth between snow, it warmed up. I could actually feel warmth of the sun. No jackets needed.

It was an amazing day. I got to leave work early to pick up Ashton for her dental appointment.

We went o her dentist and she was scared. She always is. She took her Tauntaun with her and they'd show her what they'd do with her by demonstrating it on her toy first. But let me tell you, I felt so old because none of the girls there knew Star Wars at all, let alone a Tauntaun. As usual, she wouldn't lay down in the chair, so she laid down in my lap as they checked her teeth.

Then the painted fluoride on her teeth, much to her dismay. But she was super brave when they wanted x-rays of her teeth. They of course took x-rays of Tauntaun's teeth first. and let her touch the camera and wear a "superhero" cape backwards to protect from the x-ray. She was a trooper. They showed her her beautiful grownup teeth way up in her gums. I don't think she understood the picture, but she was proud that they got what they wanted.

Once done at the dentist, there was no way to get her back to daycare and me back to my job, the day would be over. So I drove her to Walgreen's to get a Hershey's bar for being super good. She was so excited to pick out chocolate. She kept trying for me to pick out chocolate too, but I told her she was super good at the dentist, not me.

We then went home and decided to walk the dogs. They haven't had a good walk in months because of the weather. So Ashton walked Kiara and I walked Khaleesi. We walked around the neighborhood 3 times. But everyone was out enjoying the weather, so we got stopped a lot meeting other dogs, neighbors, and someone even walking their cat. Ashton thought it was hilarious, because it was a hairless cat and kept saying hairless cat for most of the latter half of our walk. Ashton was tired by the third time about. She said how tired her feet were. But she made it.

Then she wanted to dance with her mama. (For a girl with tired feet, it was amazing how fast they bounced back once inside.) I turned on some tunes and we danced together. She then said she wanted to dance with me everyday. Picking her up and swinging her around for several songs is tiring. I told her if she'd dance on the ground opposed to my arms, it could be a possibility.

Then Daddy got home from work and we took off to meet with friends for dinner. They have 3 kids. Two older boys and a daughter Ashton's age. So we got there and they were just finishing up fixing dinner. We helped set up the kids table and the adult table. Ashton loved their lemon pepper chicken; she never had it before. And it was really good. But then the kids ran upstairs to play, while we adults sat around the table and chatted it up.

Of course about every 10 minutes or so a kids would come down with some grievance, but then would quickly bounce back and go play. It was a fun time. Ashton as actually tired by the end of it. She stayed up on the ride back home, but was easy to get to bed, no fuss and fell asleep quickly.

So it was a great day! Still hard without little Arwen to share it with, but the furbabies are doing okay. We now have Amadues downstairs with Kiara instead up up on the bed alone, where he and Arwen used to be while we were at work. It seems to be going okay. I just couldn't bare him being alone.

Ashton is still clinging to "Arwen" the dragon, and she goes everywhere with Tauntaun, but I only allow her one toy out of the car, and Tauntaun always wins. But he now has a traveling, and sleeping buddy. It's very sweet.

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