Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Girl and her Tauntaun

This girl loves foxes. But lately, it's all been about her Tauntaun. She asks to take photos with him (like this morning), he goes everywhere with us and we hear the line, "He's so cuuuuttteeee!' while she gives him a big squeeze. 

So it only makes perfect sense, when I asked if she wanted another fox decorated ice cream cake for her Gotcha Day celebration coming up. She said, "No. I want a Tauntaun cake!" Of course. So that's what she'll get.

Good thing she doesn't understand that he really didn't just faint in the movie! Between this scene and the "scary" carbonite scene (There is a cool Han in carbonite display at the Children's Museum and it scares Ashton), we may skip "Empire Strikes Back" to watch for a while.

It's been an interesting conversation explaining a Tauntaun to a young kid who doesn't know Star Wars, who's making the cake. I had to email photos so they knew what it was to decorate. Let's hope it comes out well.

So foxes rule, as they are in the real world. But if Tauntauns graced this world, they'd get a run for their money!
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