Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Girl and her Tauntaun

This girl loves foxes. But lately, it's all been about her Tauntaun. She asks to take photos with him (like this morning), he goes everywhere with us and we hear the line, "He's so cuuuuttteeee!' while she gives him a big squeeze. 

So it only makes perfect sense, when I asked if she wanted another fox decorated ice cream cake for her Gotcha Day celebration coming up. She said, "No. I want a Tauntaun cake!" Of course. So that's what she'll get.

Good thing she doesn't understand that he really didn't just faint in the movie! Between this scene and the "scary" carbonite scene (There is a cool Han in carbonite display at the Children's Museum and it scares Ashton), we may skip "Empire Strikes Back" to watch for a while.

It's been an interesting conversation explaining a Tauntaun to a young kid who doesn't know Star Wars, who's making the cake. I had to email photos so they knew what it was to decorate. Let's hope it comes out well.

So foxes rule, as they are in the real world. But if Tauntauns graced this world, they'd get a run for their money!
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Monday, March 28, 2016

Field Hockey, Anyone?

Today, Ashton showed us she knew more about sports than we ever thought possible.

In fact, yesterday while at her aunt's house, she and I were sitting on a porch swing and she was standing up while I was holding her hands, swinging. And she swore she was surfing. She kept telling me how dangerous surfing was and that is was like skateboarding, but at the beach. I asked her how did she know about surfing. And she replied, "I'm smart". Can't argue with that!

This girl really wants to skateboard, but we keep telling her no and she's too young. Well, she asked more and we took her to the front porch and put her foot along the edge and told her to hold her other foot up. We told her to hold her balance there for 2 minutes, not letting her other foot touch the ground, or the counting starts over. If she can make 2 minutes she gets a skateboard.

She was excited. But she couldn't even make 2 seconds. She kept loosing her balance. Then she would purposely "fall" off the porch down a step to the ground and she thought that was fun. And started doing that instead.

Well, today she grabbed Khaleesi's toys, a ball and two balls on a rope. And started hitting the ground with it. I asked what she was doing. Field hockey! Of course. She had fun chasing the ball everywhere. Poor Khaleesi wasn't as thrilled, not able to play as well. Unlike basketball, this is her ball and she didn't want to really share, but play fetch. So we had to be referee between the two for a bit.

Gotta love the girl's imagination and ingenuity.
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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Day

Easter is Ashton's favorite holiday. She was so excited it took quite a bit to get her settled down for the night. This is better than Christmas!

She was most excited about the chocolate eggs, even though they didn't have surprises inside. But as fun as seeing the display on the hearth. She wanted out to hunt for eggs.

After the egg hunt we tried to take a family photo. However, my hubby couldn't get the timer to work on the camera, so we just took a shot of us girls. He also forgot to put a chip in the camera, so we ended up with no shots, only what I took from my phone. Luckily, I told him to use my phone too.

Ashton even got extra donuts at church today. She was on cloud nine. She ended up skipping back to the car with her daddy's hand in tow. 

She didn't want to nap alone, per usual, but rather than argue about it on Easter, I gladly held her and we napped together before heading off to her Aunt's house for Easter lunch/dinner. They had a basket for her too there, and she loved the bubbles and coloring books. But she spent most of the time sword fighting with her cousin! That's my girl!
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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Building Hogwarts

My daughter decided to build a castle for withes like Harry Potter. I asked if it was Harry's wizarding school. And she said no, it was his castle like in the movie. Far be it for me to try and explain. 

She is so proud of her creation. And she did it all on her own. No help from us. I was doing chores until she grabbed my hand to show me what she did all by herself, no coaching. I think she did an excellent job.
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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Girls' Night

The last few days from daycare, Ashton has come home with holes in the knees of her leggings.

It's been warm enough to play outside, and I guess she's playing rough. And she has 2 pairs of jeans, but the first time she wore one of the pairs, the snap came off when she came home, so those are no good until mended... if ever.

So with very few options to wear unless I send her in just a shirt, a shopping day was in order.

So I decided last night the girl needed new leggings and jeans. So I made a girls' night of it. I took her to the second hand store and we went through the aisle of clothes. Of course anything in 3T was sparse. So there wasn't a lot to choose from. I found no leggings, but I did find a couple pairs of jeans and this sweet shirt and skirt.

We then went to a regular store and still I found lots in 2T and 4T but 3T seemed to be cleared out. There were lots of leggings I liked, but not in her size. So we ended up with 2 leggings.

Ashton kept asking if she was being good, because she wanted to earn going out to eat at Chic-fil-a, since we were so close. She was dying for a chicken salad.

So we went and we both got our chicken salad, and she played on the indoor playground for a bit. And she gave no fuss when time was up. It was wonderful.

I really enjoyed our time out together. Usually, taking Ashton out anywhere with only 1 parent means you are ready to crash once home. But yesterday went splendidly.

We came home and played a family game of Farkle together. Daddy won, but Ashton was in the lead for a long time.

So this morning I put my girl in leggings, and knowing it was going to rain, I put her in the skirt and new top I got her. She looked so adorable. And usually Tauntaun (and sometimes Arwen the dragon) go downstairs to breakfast with us and in the car to ride to daycare and await her return. But this morning, she wanted Clementine the rabbit. Maybe she wanted the rabbit because of Easter coming. But she has many plush rabbits (that's because she is year of the rabbit). This particular one is very dear to her daddy. This came from Nana, her grandmother she never got to meet. She passed after a  month of being told we were adopting, and 5 months before match. Breaks my heart they never met. But Ashton talks about her all the time and swears she dreams of her. It does her daddy's heart good when he sees and hears of these moments.

So I wanted to be sure to document the moment of her cherishing the rabbit. So I asked for her photo. And surprise, surprise, Dawson wanted in on it too. Dawson and Skylar are getting up there in years, and we keep thinking they could go any day now. But they keep hanging on. Dawson did great and actually stood there after getting some pettings from Ashton. Lately he just wanders a lot and sleeps. So the interaction was a pleasant surprise.

I loved that sweet moment.
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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spinning into Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday has always been my favorite Sunday at church. I remember the congregation being outside handed palms and waving them about before marching inside to sit down and taking the palms and making crosses and reading out a "play" of sorts where the congregation read as the crowd. It was a fun time. 

I don't know what churches do all that now, but the day still holds a special place in my heart. Today, I dresses up Ashton super cute for Palm Sunday. She wasn't interested in breakfast this morning, just drawing. So I let her, knowing there'd be donuts at church.

Of course I wanted pictures of her all dressed up and she wanted to show me her splits instead. It took a while until she'd pose nicely. She's always wired and hard to just pose for a picture these days.

But I got it!

The church is always very dark, so it's hard to get photos. But all the children walk around wan wave their palms and then set it down at the alter. Several kids went ant then there was this big gap. Ashton was hesitate at the door to go. She finally did, and the batch of kids behind her were hesitant to go So it looks like Ashton's alone, but there was a long line of children. And eventually, you couldn't see her because there were so many kids and she's so petite, you can't even see her head. I wasn't able to see her lay down her palm, but I'm sure she did it nicely.

Afterwards, Ashton wanted more basketball. And in one of her Easter eggs from her egg hunt yesterday, she got a gold medal. So she wore it while playing basketball with us and whomever made the basket had to wear the medal until the next person got the basket. She was very diligent on passing out the medal and taking it away.

Then it was just being silly and spinning. She entertaining to watch, even just spinning. And I love her laugh. Its one of the best laughs I've ever known. It's so infectious and full of happiness. I think she deserves a gold medal for the best laugh!

And after playing two days of basketball we asked Ashton if that's what she wanted to do when she got older. We asked what sport she wanted to pursue, basketball, badminton, tennis, swimming, baseball, gymnastics, track, volleyball, golf, soccer... and she picked one we never named or thought of. She picked a sport we didn't even know she heard of. She told us, "diving". And we looked up YouTube videos and showed her just to be sure we were on the same page, and she nodded, convinced. She wants diving in her future... at least today! That's our girl!
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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Egg Hunt and Basketball

Ashton has been asking since forever when the egg hunt would be. Today finally is the day. However, it was in the forecast to be low 40s and rain. Much different than the mild Spring last Easter, of course it was a month later. Luckily, the rain held off until afternoon. 

She looked adorable, so of course I had to try and get Khaleesi to join the photo since they're both in their black and white.

Khaleesi is becoming such the lady. She's still very puppy, but she is sitting and staying while Ashton tries to be still for photos. Khalessi poses better than Ashton does!

Once at the church we ate some donuts and had juice. We also had to wait ans hundreds of kids came in. There were 7,000 eggs distributed. One side was for the 1-2 year olds. The other was for the 3-5 year olds. And 6 and up was in a large field across the way. There was even a small peanut allergy section for those with more sensitive needs. And as a typical toddler Ashton hated waiting.

So we did our best to entertain by putting the basket on her head and talking with her.

That of course only went so far. This bored look is what we got most of the time.

But every now and then we mustered up a smile.

Here was Ashton's age group. All the kids lined up ready to go.


It was definitely a free for all. It all ended in less than 1 minute.

We then warmed back up inside and emptied out the plastic eggs and kept the candy and recycled the eggs back to the church. Ashton was most excited about getting Hershey bars and Hershey eggs. 

Let that night my team Butler Bulldogs was playing basketball. I was wearing my jersey. Ashton wanted one too. She's long since outgrown her adorable Butler cheerleader outfit. So her Daddy got his XXL jersey for her to wear. And as you can see, it was a perfect fit!

Blurry I know, but I love how she's looking up at her daddy in this one!

Unfortunately, Butler lost. But Ashton was pumped up to play some basketball of her own. So we changed her out of her sweater (and out of the Butler "dress") into a more play worthy shirt. (One that I had laid out for tomorrow). And we brought her basketball hoop and ball from the garage and we parents sat down and threw the ball around while Ashton would do her best to make dunks and throws herself. Khaleesi made for a great defense against Ashton's offense. It was a hoot!

Ashton loved playing and kept saying she was winning or I was all depending who made the basket. She loved being the commentator during our game.
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