Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl Half Time Show

Today we planned on going to another Chinese New Year celebration, but Ashton didn't sleep last night, and we were all so tired, when we got home from church we all crashed together. It was a stay in and sleep kind of day.

We hated missing the festivities, dinner and show. Especially, since her dance teacher was in it. But having a relaxing day, doing nothing, is what we needed.

And the other thing, is during church, Ashton broke out. My husband ran and got her benadryl to help her out. And it went away, but she was very fussy during church, no wonder! So with that as our morning, and no sleep, coming home and just snuggling was great.

We did take time to make out red envelopes with coins for her classmates for Chinese New Year tomorrow. She was very excited to do that. but also confused it a bit with Valentines Day thinking they're both on the same day.

But then there was the Super Bowl. And being from Indianapolis, we're Peyton Manning fans. So we were pro Broncos. We watched together, Ashton kept busy and would ask questions on and off about the game, but for the most part was pretty good trying to watch.

Then the half time show came on. And Ashton loves Coldplay. And she danced during the whole show.

She loved it. We were rather entertained. During parts of it, Khaleesi wanted to join in and the two chased each other. They're so cute together!

I wish I joined in, but I was so comfy and loved being snuggled up on the couch, and loved just watching her "dance". She and I dance together often. We'll play a song or two and just dance together. Usually, I'm holding her up and dancing with her in my arms. It's very tiring, but she loves it. She loves it when I dip her or spin her in circles. But this time it was just her. Love that she loves music and loves to move!
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