Sunday, February 14, 2016

Foxy Valentine

This weekend was rough for my husband and me. Ashton was a terror every night. Screaming and not sleeping and not napping during the day either. We can't even give her quiet time in her room, because she freaks out about being alone. We must be with her constantly. We were falling asleep taking cat naps we didn't plan because we were dragging.

Regardless of the hard nights, I guess those are preferred over the rash breakout she had been getting. She hasn't had a breakout for some time. Which is good news. But hate still not knowing.

Late last night after Ashton's bath, she found a new friend on her bed waiting for her. This fox she named Rosco, after the therapy dog that comes to church.

I had Ashton asleep in her bed by 9pm. But by 11pm she was screaming and freaking out. So I let her sleep in our room. She curled up with her Tauntaun and went happily to sleep. You'd think it'd be easy for me to after being so tired, but I'm so off schedule, and wake up so often...

I just pray it'll get easier.
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