Tuesday, February 16, 2016

For Sale

Oh, my goodness. It breaks my heart. But it makes no sense to keep. We are selling my daughter's crib/toddler bed and bedding. So far I've just listed in on Facebook. Not on Craigslist... yet. I'm hoping it will find a loving home.

I searched long and hard for a crib to go with her room. We had the furniture but not the crib. I didn't know if I could find one that would match her beautiful furniture so well. And the furniture had a matching XL twin, no crib. So it was a hunt to find. But we found it in the nick of time. Just a month before we were matched. It's called a Munrie Savannah Lifetime crib - as it turned into a great toddler bed. I loved putting her nursery together. And we finished her bedroom weeks before the match. It came together beautifully. We had NO IDEA, that she was around the corner. It was a miracle of a day, and I thank God for throwing her into my lap.

And I loved her gold decor! So delicate, and made me think of the China flag with the gold and red. It was called Babi Italia, called Luna. Wow, the memories. I carefully planned and searched for it all. I wanted the perfect nursery for my little girl. And planning and putting it together eased some of the wait.

But now it sits disassembled in the guest room, doing no good.

Is it wrong that I don't want it to go to just anyone? That I want it to go to one that will cherish its beauty as much as I did? If she could have stayed in that crib forever... But she has an excellent bed. She is a big girl and will be our only child, so there is no purpose for this amazing piece of furniture.

I pray it finds a wonderful home filled with love as it started out.

Wish I had more photos and video of Ashton using her crib and toddler bed. Funny the things you don't think about. But I won't forget and it served her well.

Funny the things that you tie to memories that you have no need for, but still aches to let them go. I'm sure it will take forever to sell, so I will get over the nostalgia before it goes.

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