Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Crazy Day

So Monday night around 9:30 pm Ashton gets another breakout while playing Legos with daddy. We give her benadryl and in five minutes it clears up.

Tuesday, I tell the nurse that it has happened now 3 nights in a row. We schedule Ashton to come in late Wednesday night to be checked out and discuss the Genova food panel.

Later that day a little after 2:00 pm I get an email from daycare with a photo of Ashton's inner arm. She's broken out again.

I call the nurse and ask if I can bring her up now. They say sure. I leave work and whisk Ashton off to the doctor's. No benadryl so they can see it in action.

We wait a long time. A nurse checks her out and we wait more. Finally a doctor comes in (her doctor is off for the day). They say it's definitely an allergic reaction, not viral. And really suggest coming the next day to do the panel. As the person who does the blood work has now gone home for the day. (Though we were there early enough, if they'd gotten to us sooner!)

So we move up our appointment so we're there to get the blood draw and go home. I give her the benadryl and she clears up immediately. She was so brave and such a trooper to let the itching go on for 2 hours!! So we took her to McDonalds and she got nuggets with an ice cream and got to play on the indoor playground.

Today was the blood panel. So I took off from work early and took her to the doctor. She brought her little Tauntaun, Luke, with her.

I had to get my thyroid checked, so I was getting blood drawn too. So I asked her if she wanted to go first or me. She said, "You go first." So I did. I showed her how easy it was and what they'd do. Then it was her turn.

She said she didn't want to. But we said she had to. And she nodded her head. Ashton climbed up into my lap. We told her to look at me as they put the needle in and she did, clutching her little Tauntaun. Then it was done and she got wrapped up with a green bandage to match her cast.

Ashton promptly said, "Tauntaun needs a shot too!" The nurse said, "Absolutely." and she "drew" Tauntaun's blood. Then wrapped his arm up with the green bandage too! Ashton loved showing everyone that she and Luke had matching green bandages.

Then we saw her pediatrician. We discussed Ashton's symptoms and found out it takes 2-3 weeks to get the results back from the panel. And we have a 50/50 shot of getting definitive results. Seems like a big hassle for a 50/50 shot. But I guess you do what you can do.

And if you notice up above, the inside of her cast was spilling out. I asked if they could remove it since her appointment to the Orthopedic doctor was on Friday for removal. Since it wasn't a cast and just a little finger they said sure. They unwrapped it and asked Ashton to make a fist. She did. Success! Ashton was thrilled to get the cast off. And Ashton kept making comments how yucky her hand was and kept smelling it saying "Whew!" I told her she would have a bubble bath when we got home and no more sponge baths. She couldn't wait.

After the successful visit, because Ashton was so brave we let her pick where she wanted to eat. And she picked Chic-fil-a. She got chicken salad, apple sauce, and a chocolate shake. A balloon artist was there and Ashton picked out getting a Mickey Mouse hat. She was thrilled.

If you look closely you can see all the gunk on her hand and fingers where the cast was. She was so happy once we got to that bubble bath. I took off her bandage and Luke's bandage right before the bath. But Ashton asked me to keep his, in case he gets hurt again in the future. She wants it with her vet kit.

She played "tea" in the tub for quite awhile. Her hand came out clean and smelling great, much to Ashton's surprise. I think she thought it would stink for a long time, no matter the washing.

Interesting side note, no break out today! No rash! Funny huh?

But Ashton kept scratching her inner elbow where the blood was drawn and swore she was breaking out. So to calm her nerves I gave her benadryl anyhow right before bed to make sure she didn't break out. And she and Luke went to bed.

What a day! Let's hope it was beneficial and brings the answers we need.

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