Monday, February 29, 2016

Chinese Dance

Ashton has been taking Chinese dance for over a year. A sweet girl, Miss E, decided to give back to the community and offered free Chinese dance classes. Ashton and Miss L signed up. And Miss E has been teaching them since December 2014.

Well, we were just told Saturday during her dance class that now Miss E is starting her competition season and starting her high school graduation ceremony prep. Therefore, she won't be able to continue her dance class. It's really a shame, I know the girls are going to miss her. But Miss E. is on to bigger and better things and we wish her all the best.

But Miss E. didn't want to leave our girls high and dry. She wanted to be sure both Miss L (who is 9 years old) and Ashton can continue to grow in the dance world and have opportunities to learn some Chinese heritage.

So she emailed the chairperson of Indianapolis Chinese Performing Arts, Inc. (ICPAI) a non-profit organization and introduced our girls to be welcomed into their fold. They have a program for 2-15 year olds called the Little Flower dance group. It's been around since 2006, and has about 30 active members. (A big jump from 2!) This group has been performing in various local cultural events.

Unfortunately, Miss L and Ashton won't be performing together anymore. Though the Little Flower dance group consists of 18 little performers, Miss L will be in Zhongban which is the older age group. Ashton will be in XiaoBan along with 5 other little girls.

So dance will be moved from Saturdays to Fridays.Yikes! As it will be right after Ashton's violin practice. Fridays will be long and busy. Also dance will no longer be 1 hour but 2 hours. And now practice is from 7:30-9:30 at night! Past Ashton's bedtime. Much to her joy! But fitting in dinner is going to be hard as we already miss work to get her to violin and she usually eats right after violin practice. We'll have to juggle to see how to work this one out.

However, we have some time because right now the Little Flowers are on winter break and the next class doesn't begin until May 6th.

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