Saturday, February 20, 2016

Celebrating her Godfather's Birthday!

Ashton was very excited about today as she was going to an all adult birthday party. She would be the only child. And she got a special invite, because she was attending her Godfather's birthday party.

I put her in her pink camo that he got her for Christmas. And I wore ARMY green for the occasion myself. I tried to get Ashton in pigtails. Her hair kept falling out all night.

She was insistent on bringing Tauntaun with her. And while we were heading that way, she got her jam on.

Ashton did really well. She colored lots of original artwork for everyone. And she made sure she was a big help.

She helped rip open every envelope and gave Mr. J his card inside. She also opened all his gifts and showed him what he got. Very big responsibilities.

Shen they sang happy birthday and before cutting the cake Mr. J gave a short speech. He mentioned Ashton, how she was his fortune cookie because she gave him so much fortune and truly has changed his life. It was so sweet.

Mr. J even had a pinata. And he'd pull a string then another and wasn't getting to the candy. Ashton showed him how to get it done.

We were there from 6:30 to 10:30 and we saw Ashton getting tired laying down on the dog bed. Definitely time to go home. We all had a wonderful time and were very happy to attend and I know Ashton loved being a part of the grown-up party.

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  1. This was really sweet! I've loved watching little Ashton..... I first saw her beautiful face with that little hat/cap on in your gotcha day video on YouTube. I later found your blog somehow, and I've enjoyed watching her grow. Thanks for sharing her. Bless your family!


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