Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Note of Thanks

I do my best to be polite, respectful, and thankful for what is around me. That means thank you cards, replying to letters, emails etc. Well, I was bad and just replied back today to an email sent to me back early November!

I remember coming home to an email in my inbox that I thought nothing much of, at first. It seemed I got a email from the Founder and CEO of ICC (International China Concern); it was David Gotts himself. I had assumed it was an open letter to all ICC affiliates. After opening, I found out to my surprise, that he had written a personal note to me!

I was amazed that he'd take his time to email me personally. This wasn't a mass email.

The subject read, "A note of thanks". And it really was a personalized email. I don't know if he does this for everyone, or why that particular day, he sought to email me. But he just wanted to say thank you for the Walk the Wall events I help organize and for adopting one of the ICC children.

I was moved and showed it to my husband right away. Of course, I meant to write back immediately. But I wanted to think what to say, not just write up something on a whim. Well, the holidays hit and I forgot.

Then today, I remembered, for some reason and was called to write him now. So I did. I thanked him for his letter and all the wonderful staff he had that helped shape Ashton's life. I also let him know that the reunion was a wonderful event and that we made friends for life from that event.

I can't recommend enough for you to check out ICC and either give or participate in some way. It's an amazing organization! I just hope that this year's Walk the Wall event is better than the one's in the past. I just want it to keep growing and building. I pray that God guides me to keep this going in the best way possible for his children.
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