Saturday, January 23, 2016

You Need Chewbacca to go with the Tauntaun and Bantha

Ashton has a huge plush fox collection. I can't ever imagine anymore foxes, yet somehow friends and family seem to find a fox she doesn't have.

Other than her foxes, her next beloved plushes are her Star Wars animals. She has a bantha, and 2 tauntauns - a large one and a small one that makes sounds. She loves all three but the baby "Luke" tauntaun goes with her everywhere. Even to breakfast!

Well, when we saw the Build-a-Bear Chewbacca, we knew one day she'd have him, complete with his roars.

Today was that day. We had many adult errands to run, with a lot of waiting and talking to other adults. She was in tow, and was really good all day. So we surprised her with a treat.

Ashton was giddy.

Here he is unstuffed. I think she would have taken him home just like that too! It was hard to have her let him go to get stuffed.

The attendee asked Ashton is she wanted him firm or soft and squishy. Ashton said soft and squishy. And on the first hug test, Ashton replied, "Perfect." She then got to pick out a hear to put inside. She gave it a kiss and tucked it away.

Then it was bath time. She loved brushing his fur. Our brushes at home just get caught in his fur, unlike these made for the doll. I'll have to check the store to see if they sell them, she loved brushing him.

Now Ashton has another sleeping buddy, but this one can roar away anything scary that her little Luke can't scare away with his roars.
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