Saturday, January 9, 2016

Welcoming Miss N!

I got Ashton dressed up in her Hello Kitty for her first birthday party of the year!

We finally got to meet Miss N. She arrived home from China on Ashton's birthday in October. We let let the family adjust the last few month having two young girls only months apart, and to enjoy the holidays!

Miss N just turned two and her younger sister will be 2 in August. And Miss N's daddy had a birthday a week earlier, so they celebrated together! Miss I. (her mother) is from Finland so I love having to know someone here from Finland like by BFF. I adore this family!

Miss N left, with her sis Miss E in the midde, with Ashton right.

Miss N doesn't talk yet, but she's very tall for her age. She's almost up there with Ashton in height! It was so great to see the two girls together We're hoping to have more play dates in the future.

Of course all of this was lost on Ashton. All she noticed was the cake. That was the big hit! Well, not the cake necessarily, but the icing. Daddy finished the cake up for her.
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