Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Fall

My daughter is four. She's still a toddler. She is still very clumsy and fall's down all the time. No big deal. She has tons of boo-boos all over her body. She always will, because the girl doesn't like to be still and seeks for adventure. And that's fine as long as she continues to dust her self off and get up on her own, which she does.

But she's also becoming a young girl. So she doesn't have a toddler bed, but a big girl bed. She's had it since April. Well, around 2 am she started crying.

I heard her and thought, she has been sleeping through the night most of the week, so this isn't too bad. I go into her room and she's her usual, sitting up in bed, with alligator tears going down her cheeks I always ask her what's making her cry. And per usual, being so distraught it takes a while for her to calm down to tell me.

Her typical answer is - I don't want to be alone. She usually wakes up enough to realize it's too quiet and she is too afraid to go back to sleep. She'll cry and wake us up and one of us comes in to quiet her back down until she's asleep. And that can take anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours. Sometimes we just bite the bullet and let her sleep in our room, but we really try not to.

This time she said something that surprised me. "I fell out of bed." Really? Out of bed. She hasn't done that since she first got her bed in the spring.

Okay, I rocked her and asked if she hurt. She nodded her head. I did a quick inspection. No bloody nose, I didn't feel a knot on her head. I called her Daddy in. I knew that a simple rocking and putting her back in bed while I waited for her to fall asleep wouldn't cut it. So when he entered the room I asked him to check her body over, that she was too inconsolable, but said she hurt from her fall. And if he could get her a yogurt too to help her calm down.

Daddy to the rescue, he did. I stayed on her bed just rocking her. With her yogurt in hand drinking away, he helped check her over. Her crying stopped with the yogurt and she stayed in my arms while Daddy checked her over. He noticed her left hand. Her pointer finger two knuckles were purpleish and her finger swollen.

We asked her to wiggle her fingers. She did so. We asked her to make a fist. She did with her right hand beautifully. We told her to do her other hand. I literally saw her finger shake trying. She couldn't do it. She didn't even cup her hand.

We wondered if it was broken. He touched it all over in several spots asking if it hurt. Ashton would nod but not cry out in pain. She does have a high pain threshold. We didn't know if 2 in the morning if we should go to the ER or wait until morning. The finger didn't hang limp or look crooked or anything, but we didn't want to make the wrong decision.

We got a ice pack and put her finger on it and called the Kids Helpline. It's a 24/7 phone line that is available to contact a nurse with any questions you may have. WE told her our situation. She told us to keep the pack on for 20 minutes and then in an hour do it again. And then in the morning do it again and take her to the doctor then.

We felt good that we didn't have to feel guilty about trying to sleep and get it done in the morning. So we iced it 20 minutes. Ashton was too shaken up to go to bed so we all stayed up and watched TV for the next hour to put the ice on again. We then tried to get her to go to sleep. She was having none of it. She really wanted to stay with us. She didn't even want to sleep on the floor of her room with her mattress down. So we let her sleep in our room. We brought her mattress to our floor and let her lay there.

She was wired and all over the place, getting the dogs riled up. She really wanted in the bed.

So we let her in our bed. The next half an hour was with her kicking and moving. She's a restless sleeper like me, but she can sleep through it, I can't. So Daddy left the bed to sleep on the couch and she and I shared the bed with plenty of space for our flailing.

Can't say any of us had a good night's sleep. Once we woke up we called her pediatrician. She said to take her to OrthoIndy and have them check it out, see if it was worth an x-ray, and that they could splint it right there too. if need be.

So we did. We had to drive across town. And it was terribly cold. We waited outside for a bit, when we decided to wait for them to open in the car instead.

We were the second ones in. They saw to Ashton pretty quickly. They x-rayed her immediately. Then they took us to a gurney for Ashton to sit on. There they said no bones were broken or fractured. Yay! But her growth plates seemed messed up pretty badly and they wanted to splint it to help it out.

So they put gauze between all her fingers and started wrapping her fingers, up her hand, and up her arm! I was surprised they did it so high. They then put a cast just over the top of her arm. Then they had colored gauze, surprise she picked green, to wrap over that.

The whole time Ashton didn't cry or flinch. She was very brave! We told her she now had a lightsaber arm. She has to wear it for at least 3 weeks. Then they check her out. So in early February she'll be checked out and most likely have her cast removed.

I can't believe my girl has now 2 casts to her name! Only my girl.

We were out in an hour. We were only 5 minutes away from LauLau's house, so Ashton asked if she could go see her and show her her new cast.

Of course she and Uncle J. made over her. They even fed her lunch.

While there we quickly found out that Ashton can't go to the bathroom by herself. There will be a lot of assisting this girl over the next few weeks.

Once home she was bouncing off the walls as usual. She even started playing ball with Khaleesi. I got hit in the head a couple times with the cast. It'll take some time for her to get used to. But she's not babying it that's for sure.

It's already "very itchy" and it's not even a full day one in the cast. I have a feeling it will be a long 3 weeks!

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