Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pajamas with Super Powers

My girl hates to wear pajamas. And I can't stand to see her only in a pull up for bed. So I found her some less tight and not long sleeved pjs that I thought wouldn't be too hot for her!

Ashton loved wearing them, but would they last. Usually, 30 minutes or an hour into barely sleeping, the shirt comes off and half way through the night off comes the pants. Gowns do better, they usually last longer, but they have princesses on them, and my girl is more of a Star Wars superhero kind of girl, and you can't find those combos on nightgowns.

Well, I will say she loved wearing them. She was proud to pose and show off her feet stamps she got from tumbling. (Yes, even with the cast, she can still do gymnastics. Go figure!) And with her pjs she wanted to show my that she could jump now really high and fly a bit.

And there's your proof, my girl has jumping super powers with her superhero pjs. And they really must have powers, because she fell asleep in them and never came off!
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