Sunday, January 31, 2016

Guess What, It Happened Again!

Ashton was doing great. She even drew me a kitty cat.

Then a few minutes later she and I were just playing together with her cash register and she said she was getting itchy again.

This time it was on her hand. It wasn't there last time, and it didn't pop up anywhere else on her body.

We ran upstairs to get her benadryl. Then we waited. And as before it magically disappeared! Thank God for benadryl!

But now I'm really concerned. I'm going to call her pediatrician first thing tomorrow morning. I don't know what they can do, especially if she's not having a break out when they see her, however I have to do something!

After this event I put her to bed early, and again she fell asleep quickly. Poor girl. The itching must tire her out, because she never falls asleep this quickly!

I just want answers. I hope that her pediatrician will have something to tell me.

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